The Courage Network

The Courage Network brings together people affected by, and living with, neurological conditions, with the world of research, as part of an innovative project initially funded by UK Research and Innovation.

The project aims to develop a co-designed research strategy to address these groups’ needs through actively engaging them in research design and delivery. The network hopes that the approach will lead to research and innovation that is relevant to their lived experience and local areas.

The initiative is a collaboration between Healthwatch Essex and the University of Essex, and has brought together over 50 researchers, academics, practitioners, support workers and those living with brain conditions (via the Essex Neurology Network), to start the strategy process.

“Building a research programme to tackle the challenges for people living with a neurological condition is a great opportunity. The voices of people affected by these conditions are often not heard. I am really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together to raise awareness, devise studies and create innovative solutions.”

Contributing to the Network

If you or someone close to you has experience of being affected by a neurological condition, we'd love you to join the network.

Connecting Researchers

If you have a research interest which links to the work of the Network, please get in touch.