Our Impact

Our Impact

Healthwatch Essex collects data and lived experience from the public of Essex relating to health and social care services and uses that information to inform the way services are designed and delivered. It is important to us that the work that we do creates meaningful change.  

Since we were formed our research and information and guidance teams have worked with thousands of people across Essex to understand the bigger picture of how people experience health and social care here. We take the time to explore trends and work closely with providers to ensure that what we capture can help shape improvements.

"In a very short space of time, Healthwatch Essex has made a tremendous difference. They've created a platform of trust for local people to share their voice and an environment of true partnership, closely involving the voluntary sector in all they do.

Tracey Rudling


"Healthwatch Essex continues to be a true patient champion. Their dedicated work exploring the lived experience of cancer patients and carers at Colchester has provided a platform to ensure that the voice of people affected by cancer is heard."

Louise McAvoy

Macmillian Cancer Support

"I was having problems with my GP and Healthwatch Essex Info Service pointed me in the right direction. I was able to speak to my GP and get the services I needed. I was able to be assertive as I understood what I was entitled to. This was very very helpful."



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