The Tollgate Health Centre (Ambrose Avenue Group Practice)

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Tollgate Health Centre
145 London Road

01206 549444

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5 reviews from the local community

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The Tollgate Health Centre (Ambrose Avenue Group Practice) Feedback

  1. Awful

    Phoned for an appointment to be told I needed to come to the surgery and join a que as there are no appointments now. I got there at 8:30am booked in and got seen at 2:30pm a 6hr wait. This is ludicrous no access to food or drink I can’t believe this is acceptable or even legal.

  2. never an appointment!!!!

    i am sick to the back teeth of not being able to see a G.P! never any bookable appointments for normal working people who, you know GO TO WORK!.you pop in on off chance or call and nothing! you want me to have a medication review? how am i supposed to do that? oh..miss work and not get paid to stand in the cue to get an appointment then have to leave work later, lose my pay to go to the appointment. don’t keep messaging me asking to see me when i cant get an appointment!..Don’t get ill with this surgery as you probably wont get seen.

  3. dabolical

    asked to phone for an Appt to speak to doctor then fobbed off with list full ring back at 0830 tomorrow. I had spent 2 hours on three separate occasions trying to get thru.

  4. Professional, kind and sensitive to my needs.

    I attended for routine cervical smear test. The nurse who I believe was a Sister greeted me very professionally. She wore her name badge so I could easily see her name which I feel is extremely important when you are a patient using the NHS. Beverly asked me relevant questions and discussed how my test results will be related back to me and how the testing has changed for the better over the last 12 months. I was able to ask Beverly anything that I deemed interesting or necessary, ie I discussed how my grand daughter had told me that she had received the HPV inoculation lady week at her school.
    My very intimate procedure was without doubt the less painful I have ever undertaken. Beverly took time to prepare for the procedure and she was obviously confident in her approach.

  5. Very hard to get through on the phone

    Appointment system not good.
    As cannot get through on the phone from 8 am to midday then all appointments are gone. Doctors good staff kind.