The Murree Medical Centre

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201 Rectory Road
SS13 1AJ

01268 727736

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3 reviews from the local community

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The Murree Medical Centre Feedback

  1. Unnecessarily Painful

    Went in for a cervical screening and this is one of the worst experiences I have had. I requested the smallest speculum as previous experiences with the larger ones had left me traumatised. The nurse was argumentative and dismissive of my concerns. I had to really assert my case before she relented. No lubrication was used and to add to the discomfort she seemed inexperienced and had multiple attempts inserting the speculum until finally after some verbal directions from myself she managed to insert it and carryout the screening. It was another traumatic experience to add to my ever growing list.

    I am very worried about my next cervical screening!


    Left One Surgery which was terrible and joined this one which was/is even worse…Rude Receptionist and a very lazy unhelpful Nurse….

  3. Incompetent Receptionists

    I rang to find out the results of a test for HPV that I had 6 weeks ago, as I had not received any results in the post. The receptionist spoke very poor English and struggled to understand my request and as to why I was ringing – despite repeating myself that I just wanted to check to see if the results had come in. All she would say is that I needed to make an appointment with the GP and that based on my results my GP wanted to speak with me. Not only did this leave me very worried about my results, I also was told I couldn’t prebook an appointment and would need to ring at 8am the following week. I was left in tears after this call as I was incredibly worried about my test results and left even more anxious because I couldn’t get an appointment to discuss what I presumed to be worrying results. I work in London so am unable to ring on the day to get an appointment, I am already nearly at work by 8am and also need to take either annual or unpaid leave to attend the doctors so will therefore need to know an appointment time in advance. As I was still worried, I rang back a couple of hours later and got a different and more helpful receptionist. She informed me that my test results hadn’t even come in yet!!! This is very concerning that the previous receptionist gave out totally incorrect information. It would have been a waste of both my time and NHS time for me to have booked an appointment on the advice of the receptionist, only to be told they didn’t even have my results!
    Another issue I have faced is missing records. I switched back to this GP when i finished university THREE years ago and my notes have still not been transferred from my uni doctors. I have rang my uni doctor who has informed me they have sent them multiple times and there is nothing more they can do unless they receive a request from the practice. Every time I go to an appointment, I ask if my notes have been transferred and the doctors always inform me no and that I should ask the receptionist to action this. The receptionists often have an attitude about this, even though they have been instructed to do this by the doctor, and as of this date have still not contacted my previous doctor to acquire my notes. These notes have some very important information on them, regarding hospital tests I had to have and therefore really need to be seen by my doctor. I have always found XXX to be a very compassionate doctor and he always tries to help as many people as he can. My experiences with the current nurse have also been great, as she is very helpful and kind.