Mental health

St Aubyn Centre

4 reviews

Mental health – Adolescent inpatients and other CAMHS services. S.136 suite

Stuart House
2 Boxted Road
Mile End

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4 reviews from the local community

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St Aubyn Centre Feedback

  1. A great place

    I was on Longview Ward and the staff were excellent. The Clinical Lead is a legend!

    • EPUT Patient Experience Team (Director of Patient Experience) replied on

      Dear Reviewer
      Thank you so much for taking the time to give your feedback. I am so pleased to hear that the staff and the clinical lead were excellent. I will share your feedback with the team. Thank you again for your positive feedback. We really do appreciate it.
      The Patient Experience Team

  2. Do not include parents in decision making

    Since my child was a patient here, we were not even given any details regarding who we should contact in relation to her care. We did not hear from any staff about her care plan, we were not even made aware of any decisions being made. Be aware if you are a parent of a child attending this facility that you will have no idea what they are doing and they will work to their own accordance regardless of your wishes.

  3. Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit

    I was in the unit around the same time as the person in the other review, and I can confirm what they said about patients helping patients. Staff were not comforting, even the nice ones they just don’t know how to handle it.

    I was there for a few months. A few of the staff were genuinely really nice people, but most of them were either a******s, ignorant or both. I was literally told once by a f*****g regular as well, (btw if you didn’t know, the St Aubyns Center is where suicidal people go) to just “be happy; tomorrow is another day, another chance!”.

    Plus its really easy to self harm without being noticed, I was able to smuggle sharp materials into my room. Even after searches, they still couldn’t find everything because they cant conduct a proper search. There are other ways of self harming which I’ve literally done in plain sight many times and nothing has happened so either 1). They couldn’t give a single f**k or 2). They are extremely dumb.

    In my experience the people with the most power (e.g. heads of ward and above) and the least power (night staff pretty much) are the nicest. And also being made to feel bad to ask for (drum roll please) water because the only way is to ask staff for some, is really fun.

    If anyone who is going there is reading this; don’t worry, you will be fine, all psych wards are like this if not worse. My advice is gain confidence within the staff members, gain good rapport with as many staff as possible (easiest way to do so is to play card games with them and teach them).

  4. Awful

    In this facility, I was repeated restrained without legitimate reason, for often well over an hour, sometimes two. Too often, patients were the ones supporting other patients, having to use the door alarms to alert staff to serious incidents. Whilst all being under 18 years old, we would frequently be the ones removing ligatures from other patients. The trauma myself and others have suffered in this place is disgusting- a supposed ‘safe place’, where nothing and no one is safe.

    • Sharon Westfield de Cortez () replied on

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We have passed it on to both the relevant organisation and the wider health and care system scrutiny boards within Essex.

      We recognise the traumatic and distressing nature of what you have written. If you would like to speak to someone to help access support or information, please do get in touch with our team on 0300 500 1895 or [email protected]