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14 reviews from the local community

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Southend Hospital Feedback

  1. Treatment from Orthopeadic Department.

    My initially referral was January 2022 and although some treatment has been provided (April 2023) it didn’t help and am now awaitng further injections in to lumbar back. I saw the Specialist in September 2023 which he advised there could be a 6 month wait. However, as I was prepared to travel and at short notice he said he would put me down as urgent and on the waiting list at several other Hospitals

  2. Where are macmillan?

    Spent many an unhappy hour/day/week/year trying to find help with pain management, trying to get a question answered or advice, to no avail.
    Often no call back, and certainly no input from Macmillan nurse.
    My relative died having met their nusrse twice in 5 years.

  3. Excellent care from Radiology Ultrasound

    I attended the Radiology department for a 6 monthly surveillance ultrasound on the 16/08/2021. Dr Kaushalkumar Suthar undertook the scan, assisted by Malcolm Murray and observed by Dr Baranacea. As always, the care, attention and thoroughness was excellent. I left feeling reassured, particularly as the report was with my GP surgery Audley Mills in Rayleigh within 3 hours and had been communicated to me by text. This timely attention to the results, meant that I was not left with anxiety and worry.

    I must also mention the Ultrasound reception staff, who have always been welcoming and acknowledge your presence, even if they are busy dealing with someone else.

    The service I have received from Southend Hospital since moving to the area 21 months ago from Hornchurch has been amazing, even throughout the Covid restrictions.

  4. Ophthalmology- Great Dept. Great Staff.

    I had cataract surgery on Wed. 21.7.21
    Dr Aggerwall (no pain – no gain). and her team in the theatre – excellent work, thank you!
    All the nursing, and reception staff.on the ward excelled with their care, kindness and friendliness. Jo thank you for organising my operation.
    Thank you all so much for getting me through this surgery.
    Take care. Stay safe.

  5. Cancer care

    Last year I had chemo for cancer in the unit which was brilliant however I was told that the chemo hadn’t worked and I would be for palliative care. I felt very well and could not accept my fate.No support was given from the consultant at the time, there was no Macmillan nurse, tea or tissues.Since then I contacted another hospital and have since had more chemo and targeted therapy and surgery and am now in remission. I feel that this may be a post code lottery or a lack of support from the oncology department. Instead of organising my funeral I am now looking forward to living my life. This is very worrying . I feel that my oncologist could have pointed me in the right direction for further assessment if he was out of his
    depth. This could have left me in a much worse position both mentally and physically if I hadn’t had the positive attitude that I have and took my life in my own hands

  6. Wasting money on letters

    My Wife recently received two letters on the same day following an outpatient appointment – one a copy of the letter sent to the GP and another with her follow-up appointment, so two lots of envelopes, two lots of stamps etc. Here’s something radical – why not use email or why not actually for the appointment book it immediately with her following her appointment? Dreadful wast of money, time etc. etc.
    And this service runs an appointment service by telling you (without consultation) when your appointment is, and, you have to contact them if not appropriate (and they never answer the phone, you have to leave a message and they contact you back – really not convenient!!!). Appointment booking – send a contact number that actually works with someone on the end to discuss!!!

  7. what a fantastic hospital!.

    everyone from the surgeon, to all the nurses, the ward cleaners, and the ladies that brought round the food, all were so kind and helpful!. [What was good about the service? How do you think this service could be improved? – edited HWE] everyone was very kind and helpful at a very stressful time to me.

  8. Extremeley poor would avoid at all costs

    I was addmitted to hospital on May 5 for four days, scans had shown defects on my spine and cysts on ovaries, yet I was told it was only a pulled muscle. I was sent away with a huge course of Opium medication which I have grown tollorance too and has not retified the root of the real problem. I even over heard a junior doctor sayig ‘There shows a defect on her spine and your telling her it’s a pulled muscle?’ this is absolutely disgusting and negligence that a senior doctor let me leave with a high volume of ‘street value’ prescibed medication. I have since been in contact with the PALS department as I am still awaiting results for an MRI scan which was not sent through as urgent, which I was told it was in the hospital. These things should have been done whilst I was addmitted for four days, yet I was just dosed u full of morphine and left the hospital in utter digust. If there wasnt a problem surely an addmission of four days would not be relevant?
    Appauling hospital!! Go else where if you can! The quality of care for an individual needs to be vastly improved!

    • L McIver, Patient Engagement replied on

      Dear Madam,

      We are sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered and apologise for the distress this has caused you.
      I see from this post that you contacted the PALS team at Southend Hospital. The team should have looked into this and should liaise with you direct.
      Feedback via the Healthwatch Essex Feedback Centre is always anonymous and without further information from you we are unable to comment on the specifics.
      I trust that PALS has been able to look into this for you and advise that this is the best way forward to ensure your issues are dealt with and properly investigated.

      Thank you for taking the time to post. We value your feedback.


      The Patient Engagement Team

  9. Poor care poor team no high standards

    My mum had a recent visit to A&E. .. it was chaos no organisation the nursing staff were clearly overworked under a lot of pressure and lack of resources to do their jobs efficiently which hospital doesn’t provide adequate incontinence pads for patients this a&e doesn’t have them available the nurse went to another department to get a pad to fit my mums needs this should be available paper knickers and a pad are not sufficient for everyone what happened to holistic care. Back in December when my dad passed away the care in A&E was fantastic great team working now most of nursing looked burned out and under too much pressure everyone is just a number to management including the staff the nurse in charge was sitting down at a laptop I’m sure doing something but it doesn’t appear that way. A&e your staff r over worked tired and not performing well is this safe

    • L McIver, Patient Engagement replied on

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      Thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear about your experience.
      Please be assured your comments will be sent straight to the department for review, due to the anonymity on this site we are unable to comment to specific issues but assure you the department will receive a copy.
      We take patient feedback extremely seriously and thank you for taking the time to post.

      Patient Involvement Team

  10. Lack of info and duplicated appointments

    Ophthalmology. Lack of primary information and duplication of appointments. Did not hear for 2 months that referral received. Further 6 weeks for appointment. Follow up appointment shown as before consultation then second appointment put back 4 weeks. Received further appointments, one for tests at Orsett Hospital at 10am and then another for consultation at 10.30am at Southend (same day). Luckily when I queried this lady was able to sort it all out (after waiting on telephone) and gave me a consultation appointment for within 28 days of test as previous ones would have been unable to use results. These delays are unacceptable as condition is degenerative.

    • L McIver replied on

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      Thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear of the issues you have encountered. Please be assured the comments will be sent onto the relevant department, we appreciate patient feedback as this enable us to make changes as a result of the comments we receive.

      Thank you for taking the time to post your comments.


      Patient Involvement Team

  11. Shockingly slow

    On my first visit, the consultant appeared ready to finish for the weekend. i was the second from last patient; she had little time and or interest in really listening to me. She reviewed my chest xray 3 times, she clearly wasn’t sure about something, but told me that there was nothing wrong with the xray and went on to order more tests.

    Some weeks later, she wrote to my GP and copied me in, the letter basically indicated that there was something wrong with my lower right lung! To say I wasn’t happy is an understatement. I chased up my follow up appointment and only after complaining to PALS did anything happen on that front. They were willing to tell me to wait my turn, despite clearly giving incorrect advice on my symptoms. After seeing the second consultant, I was made aware that I have COPD and likely to have some heart problems too! I know the NHS are up against it, but something needs to be done to rectify the delays on waiting lists and certainly something to make the Dr’s show a little more ‘care and interest; in their patients.

    • Louise, Patient Engagement replied on

      Thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered.
      Please be assured that we take patient feedback extremely serious and appreciate you taking the time to contact us via this feedback method.
      Your comments will be taken forward and be put into our ‘you said, we did’ scheme which makes service improvements as a result of feedback we receive.

      Again, thank you and sorry to hear of your issues.


      Patient Involvement Team

  12. Chaotic, unresponsive, bordeline hostile

    My wife has been in the Blenheim Ward at Southend General – the nurses are very slow to respond to her needs, information is hard to get out of anyone, doctors are rarely available to talk to patient’s family, and we feel constantly palmed off.

    • Louise, Patient Involvement replied on

      Thank you for your post and I am sorry to hear of your problems.
      We would always advise that if there are any issues then firstly speak with the ward manager or the Nurse in charge so that you can discuss the issues.
      If this is not possible for any reason then please visit or call our PALS team who are there to support patients.
      PALS are on the ground floor and have a walk-in service, you can also email [email protected] or call 01702 385333.
      I hope that this is helpful and please do use the advice so that your wife’s needs can be met.

      Patient Involvement Team

  13. caring and compassionate staff can't do enoug

    Recently attended accident and emergency where I was assessed by nursing staff and Dr’s swiftly despite the pressures and sheer amount of people in accident and emergency very hard working team who work well together to provide the best care they can thank you.

    The communication between staff and the hard work all the team do was good, what a fantastic team

    • Louise, Patient Involvement replied on

      Thank you for your post relating to our Emergency Department – it is great to see such positive comments and thank you for taking the time to contact us.

      Wishing you well for the future.


      Patient Involvement Team

  14. Fracture clinic -passionate staff but chaotic

    Had numerous appointments at fracture clinic as follow up to broken arm. Reception, nursing and consultant staff are all lovely, helpful and refreshingly frank. However they are operating within a confusing appointment (or lack of appointment) system. You’ll can only be booked to a clinic assigned to your consultant, but you’ll actually see a different consultant each time. Be prepared to wait an extra hour at each appointment. It’s so busy between the consultant clinic and X-ray – so don’t necessarily expect a seat. The unrealistic appointment system must make for a pretty challenging working environment for staff. I witnessed some unpleasant exchanges between people in the waiting room.

    Great customer service face to face, but the experience for patients and the working environment for staff could be improved if they deployed a realistic appointments system.Well done to staff. You smile and have a really caring attitude, thank you.

    • Louise, Patient Involvement replied on

      Thank you for your response about your visit/s to the Fracture Clinic.
      I am sorry to hear of these experiences with the appointments and I can assure you I have sent this onto the relevant person/s.
      I take note of the compliments relating to staff and I have also passed on these comments.
      Thank you again for taking the time to post your comments, we appreciate all patient feedback.
      The Patient Experience Team