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419 Main Road
CO12 4EX

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8 reviews from the local community

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Mayflower Medical Centre Feedback

  1. awful

    How many times does someone have to report chronic symptoms to even get an appointment.
    Get told to go to pharmacy who find it laughable that you have been told to go there for something with one symptom out of the list. go back to gp no we cant see you. go to walk in so symptoms are reported. call up surgery with symptoms get told keep an eye on it, it doesnt warrant an appointment or even a screening yet in the nice guidelines it does – explicataly. call up with the same symptoms many many times and still nothing. there is no wonder people go undiagnosed or have complete mental health breakdowns. this is the most inaccessable service i have ever come across in my life. reception staff are incredible i know its not their fault – but how about joining the dots. this type of negligence is exactly why my friend passed away at a young age from cancer. and yes i call at 8am.

  2. No words to express my dismay

    I called at 8am to obtain an appointment for my elderly father who has heart failure, kidney failure and ulcerated legs that were leaking fluid so much his clothing had become drenched – My father also has diabetes and I was concerned these wounds would become infected – surely prevention of further illness, would be more cost-effective than having to attend hospital with a more severe illness later down the road. At 8am I was number 35 in the queue – by 9am I was number 3 – when I eventually got to speak the receptionist ***, she was very polite but stated there were no appointments available – I explained that my father was unwell and I was concerned about his weeping wounds, breathlessness, coughing and the fact he had just come out of hospital – all of this was a major concern – *** managed to obtain an appointment with the nurse that day to have the wounds dressed – we arrived and incidentally there are posters in the surgery warning of SEPSIS – I didn’t read them fully – maybe they were meant to be a self-help guide? Again I went through all of my concerns regarding my fathers health with the nurse and she went to see the GP to see when the next available appt would be and explain my fathers situation- when she returned I was informed a telephone review could be provided next week – the nurse returned to the GP twice more to have this conversation – I question whether this would have been better for the GP to actually directly talk with my father rather than wasting that time to use the Nurse as the go-between/barrier to access. I also question is a telephone review suitable for an 80 year old man who is stoic and does his best not to be a burden to anyone, who also struggles to hear on the telephone, how is this beneficial for our elderly family members. I can not fault the nurses who were empathetic and kind to my father at all times but they could do no-more – however this is not acceptable from a GP surgery and it seems you are signposted to 111 or A&E at every opportunity and it is though by providing these options to patients they are relieving any liability from themselves – this is no doubt causing a strain on those services too. Disappointed is an understatement – if this was a private organisation no-one would utilise it because of the lack of service and empathy from GP’s, however it seems this GP practice makes the rules knowing people in the community have know-where else to go (well they do as we are frequently told …… call 111 or go to A&E)- we all need health treatment!
    Moving forward a referral was put through to the District Nurses to support my father to have his legs dressed daily – however when that call came it was nearly stopped in its tracks because I had taken my father to the surgery and utilised a wheelchair to get him into the surgery so as far as they were concerned he should attend the surgery daily for dressings – I am not sure they understood my fathers heart failure, breathlessness, kidney failure and arthritis making this all to difficult. I do not live locally so I am unable to support him with this – I have no words, I am close to tears that my poor father who has worked hard all of his life is experiencing all of the above barriers to his care and we have no redress to this and therefore no ability to change it. Please GP’s at Mayflower make a difference to the community you serve and make the necessary changes to support your community to have entitled access to health services LOCALLY to them. Your staff are doing their best and they are the ones that are having to act as a barrier to you and I have no doubt on many occasions are experiencing the frustrations and emotions of those that just want access to what they are entitled to …. and that is a timely face-to-face appointment with their friendly, caring GP.

  3. Shockingly bad.

    I’ve been unable to book an appointment to see my GP in over two years. Whenever I phone I get told the appointments are booked for today and to try again tomorrow, When I ask for a phone call instead I get the same response you need to try at 8am each day, and no you can book a call for a week or two weeks time.
    USELESS, I’ve been forced to start using the Babylon app.

  4. Bullying, no access to doctor or medication

    Medication REFUSED
    Access to Dr. REFUSED
    I am diabetic and arthritic and these things (to call them people would be an insult to people) decided it would be funny to reject medication and then refuse access to management and gps. Used bullying, belittling and controlling behaviour and because I had the audacity to make a formal complaint I was delisted so now have no access to medication.
    I think it’s puerile and funny. At some point they WILL be chastised for their actions, probably when, due to them the NHS has to pay for their having a laugh

  5. Good treatment

    Today I had an appointment with Miss S Bird she gave me a full examination checked everything spotted that had missed a blood test and corrected it. I would recommend her better than the last doctor I saw for a full medical check; did not do any of the things that she did can only praise her 100% thank you.

  6. Systems are failing patients

    I have been thinking about writing this for years but today has just tipped me over the edge. This is by no way a bad review of the direct patient care given by staff but accessibility comes into care…. accessibility is non existent with this gp surgery.
    The systems DO NOT WORK. tried to call all day, finally get through after 50 minute on hold (after over 50 attempted calls to a busy line) told to call back at 8am. No wonder people do not seek help for symptoms of sinister diseases in time! If someone’s nervous, scared or had to pluck up the courage are they going to call back at 8am after battling all day to get through, no! I have had the same experience every single time for years. The surgery do not have patient care at heart in processes or this would be changed. Triaging a call & popping it in the diary for a future date is not hard. It’s clearly not just me looking at the reviews. how the rating is ‘good’ I do not know. More staff are needed, more funding is clearly needed for this area and the CQC need to step up! I feel awfully sorry for the receptionists who probably get the brunt of it. Remember they are humans at the end of the phone too, it’s really not their fault.

  7. Terrible

    Been trying to ring since 8.00am this morning. Line is constantly engaged, It’s now 15.40pm and still can’t get through. Probably the worst Medical Centre I’ve ever had to deal with. Feel sorry for Patients whose calls are important.

  8. Bad experience every time!

    Went to see a nurse because of a swollen and very sore eye and was told off because I should have gone to a pharmacist and not wasted the time of the medical staff. Also, tried to make appointment with GP for overdue (by three years) medication review and because of badly swollen feet and ankles. Not possible, a nurse will take my blood pressure – not what I asked for at all. [HWE edit: What was good about the service?] Nothing.