Lister Medical Centre

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Staple Tye
CM18 7LU

01279 639791

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2 reviews from the local community

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Lister Medical Centre Feedback

  1. Extremely poor service, wait times

    For a very long time the Lister Medical centre has had very poor wait times and availability of doctors with staff that have very bad attitudes and a poor old me mentality. Having moved to new and improved premises and 6 months of delays on the phones at the old surgery as a result of “staff training for the new centre” I was feeling hopeful that the worst was behind us. I have very few occasions to need to attend the doctors for me or my family but every experience just gets worse. I am currently on hold (1 hour 14 minutes and counting) to try and get an emergency appointment for my son due to chest pain. By the way the recorded message on the line says “the practice is closed for training please call back after 2pm on hold if your call is urgent”. I started my call and 3.45pm. I was number 12 in the queue to start with. How is it remotely possible to not be able to answer 12 calls in over an hour. I work in a call centre our agents answer 30 phone calls and hour. Our A&E department has been absolutely smashed and you can not help but think it is as a result of such poor GP services available. You have two options emergency appointment, come and sit and wait to be seen in order, doctors gives you all of 10 mins to resolve the immediate issue and refers to doctor. Option 2 wait 4 weeks for routine appointment for your doctor or another doctor at a different location. Where is the care in between those two extremes? Its not an answer to always come and sit on the day in a room with many many other sick people, particularly when its a child. The worst thing in all of this is there does not seem to be anyone that you can raised the concerns with that would understand or make a stand to improve it. In the hope of highlighting it I found this site and hope that someone takes notice. In the time its taken for me to write this message I am now numner 4 in the queue and just over 1 hour 25 mins of wait time.

  2. Dr XX [edited by HWE] is exceptional

    Dr [edited by HWE] is an incredable GP. She will always listen, never to quick on getting a prescription printed. Have a lot of respect for this lovely lady.
    [Could be improved by] Could be much easier to get an appointment