Fern House Surgery

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125-129 Newland Street

01376 502108

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8 reviews from the local community

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Fern House Surgery Feedback

  1. Waiting outside to collect medication

    Patients waiting to collect medications are still queuing outside in all weathers. One has to knock on the window if non-one is there, a hand comes out, takes paperwork, payment etc & the hand comes out again with the change, medications. etc. If seems bizarre that one can go into any other building, including other pharmacies within chemists, but not into to my own GP to collect medications. This doesn’t feel very caring or compassionate. I’m a health care professional & know only too well the consequences of the pandemic, but I’m triple vaccinated & we are supposed to be living with it now, so where does this end? Still waiting outside in the rain this time next year?

  2. Rude, Unprofessional & Depressing

    This has to be one of the worst surgeries in Essex for patient interaction.

  3. Just can’t get through on the phone

    I have been trying to speak to the surgery for four weeks, ringing at different times and hanging on for so long, but nobody ever picks up the phone.

  4. Never Get An Appointment - No Access to Care

    The surgery does not seem to care at all about the patients. They never answer the phone, they have now taken down the online booking system and you are not allowed to email. If you are lucky enough to get through by telephone (this takes hours and hours of persistent calling) the waiting list for a telephone consultation is four weeks! The office staff are intimidating and rude and the GPs do not seem to be aware of what is going on. They do not treat patients as individuals and do not update records accurately. I have been made to feel so anxious by this surgery that I am now very reluctant to make an appointment to see a doctor – I feel very anxious about raising my concerns for fear of repercussions and being, wrongly, labelled a troublemaker! I would change to another surgery, but this is not easy in the current pandemic.

  5. I spent two hours trying to call

    I tried calling the practice from 830am to book an appointment. For the first 15 mins it told me it wasn’t open for calls until 8:30am! (Spot the first issue!) I spent the next two hours calling on my mobile and redialling as it was continually busy. 400 + redials later I gave up! I could not book online either so I will have to visit the surgery to book

  6. Awful and uncaring about mental health

    22 year old, memory problems mri was normal so nothing else done without having to ask several of the GPs. Eventually sent to neurologist who sent us a neurologist who saw the last part of a typical seizire but collasping suddenly several times a week is not something to worried about.

  7. Excellent Doctors, caring and efficient staff

    Competent doctors, listen, diagnose quickly, effective treatment and quick referrals when necessary. Non medical staff efficient and generally organised , nursing and pharmacy staff competent and caring. Once you get to see doctor the service was excellent. The main problem was getting appointments. Routine appointments normally take three weeks or more. Not enough appointments are put online, they are limited to two three weeks so often it’s necessary to keep logging on several times a week in the hope that more appointments for your regular doctor become available. As this can be spread over two weeks, sometimes it takes up to Five-six weeks to get an appointment with your own named doctor. This is unsatisfactory. The waiting areas aren’t satisfactory, the chairs are low, without arms, which makes it difficult for the elderly, infirm and disabled. Surgery opening times are restrictive for those working. Telephone appointments aren’t given time bookings which means patients have to stay near phone and available over a long period of time, eg whole morning or afternoon. This makes it more convenient as a patient to make an appointment in surgery. Emergency appointment if require quicker attention. This situation can’t help the surgery cope with the overload they complain about.

  8. Medical & admin standards are high

    Found doctors quick and efficient at diagnosis, treatment or referral.
    Nurses efficient and caring
    Most Receptionists are polite, efficient and caring, Administrative and Clerical staff are very efficient.
    Medical diagnostic good, treatment appropriate, monitoring good. Referral appropriate and good.
    Appointment system slow, takes three weeks or more to get routine appointment should be improved. Waiting area chairs uncomfortable for those with mobility or pain.