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11 reviews from the local community

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Essex Sexual Health Service Feedback

  1. Pretty poor..

    Attempting to make an appointment for a coil fitting is near on impossible. The only option suitable for me due to other health conditions and she’s told me to call back in February when they *might* be able to make me an appointment.

  2. Very caring friendly and supportive staff

    Very brilliant service

  3. No appointments

    I have been contacting this “service” to arrange a coil fitting since before Christmas (3 months) , just to be told every time no appointments have been released…It terrible that women can’t get their choice of contraception in this day and age!

  4. Terrible

    Appointment wait times are not acceptable. Can’t get an appointment for months. The type of contraception I require isn’t available with my GP surgery. Disgusting lack of services in this area.

  5. Pointless

    You aim to encourage young people to use condoms by making them “free” and “easily accessible” by creating an app. But it all seems pretty pointless when the app doesn’t even work and let you sign up.

  6. Takes too long to make appointment

    I phoned up twice to make an appointment . Given one for 2 weeks time with an awkward time slot for work.
    What happened to pop in on the way home to pick up what you need

  7. Quick, confidential and respectful

    I needed emergency contraception ASAP and as I already ovulated I knew it had to be the iud. However, I was on the last day it could be fitted so I called up and said I could get to four clinics that are close to me and I got an appointment that evening, I arrived, filled in a form with just some basic information and then saw a lovely doctor and I’m assuming a nurse. They explained everything to me, asked a few questions and then fitted the iud with some numbing gel. I never felt judged or uncomfortable. All in all I would definitely recommend this service.

    • Jane Churchman replied on

      Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback, the service will be really pleased to have received such positive comments.

  8. Useless!

    What a shame you dont inform people you dont do a drop in clinic for family planning, I have just spent 28 minutes on hold to be told, I will need to pay Superdrug to deliver a repeat on my prescription, thanks its just cost me £24 for something I have already paid for through my contributions! Keep people informed of major changes!

    • Jane Churchman replied on

      All our clinics are now by appointment and it may be that the website was not updated quickly enough to reflect this and this is an area that we must be aware of.

      I apologise for the inconvenience this caused and thank you for this feedback.

  9. Unprofessional and lack of knowledge

    Apart from lack of knowledge no clinic provides a full range of sexual health checks, such as hpv, warts and full anal check. Do not go to these clinics. The service was awful. Staff need customer service training, medical staff near more training.

    • Jane Churchman replied on

      Thank you for this feedback and I am sorry that I have not been able to come back to you sooner.

      If you could like to discuss this in more detail, please contact:

      Jane Churchman
      Customer Service Coordinator

  10. Dreadful Service

    I have attended once before and the experience was dreadful, I was left waiting for hours and when I was seen, I was moved from room to room. My dignity was compromised and the staff have little compassion or knowledge compared to other clinics across the country. I have tried to seek treatment recently and was told they no longer provide a walk in service and I had to wait a week for treatment, this really is NOT an effective or responsive service since it has been changed to a centralized Essex service. The management and policy makers really need to understand the needs of the patients and demographics of each area before they make changes that negatively affect the health and wellbeing of its patients. I would strongly suggest if anyone has any issues with this service they make CQC aware so they regulate can take action.

  11. Lovely new clinic. Caring friendly staff.

    I felt instantly at ease after feeling initially a bit anxious over a coil fitting. The female doctor and nurses are lovely. Highly recommended. Very easy service to use. Wish all the surgeries were that easy! Thank you.