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Coombewood Resource Centre

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Coombewood Centre
1 Websters Way

01268 774850

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4 reviews from the local community

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Coombewood Resource Centre Feedback

  1. Diabolical

    Rude and unprofessional staff, care coordinators and the duty team are completely uneducated in mental illness. They can have a chat, that’s about it. But anyone can be paid to have a chat. With treatment they do not treat people as individuals. Just a blanket diagnosis and off you go. Nearly two year wait for psychology. Psychiatrists are quite frankly very patronising, if you have complex requirements, and are extremely knowledgeable about your illness and medication, they hate it. They hate the idea that you know more than them about your illness, so will do everything to belittle you. And prevent you from getting better. They put every barrier up possible if you suggest anything. It has to be on their terms. This isn’t how you treat mental illness with no regard to how the patient feels. No medication follow ups, except every 4 months. Not good enough on new medication if you can’t function, you are ignored. I could go on but you get the gist regarding this place. Atrocious. If you’ve had private care in the past through no fault of your own (having insurance with work), that’s a big black mark against your name to start with. Don’t even bother. But my private psychiatrist did tell me once that NHS psychiatrists are a bit ‘funny’.

  2. They don't take you seriously

    While in the waiting room I overheard the secretaries gossiping about a patient who had just walked out, saying “She just tried to commit suicide!”
    The Staff are patronising and arrogant, and too in love with their procedures and their pseudoscience to actually acknowledge someone’s problems. Indeed, they will accuse you of having symptoms that you don’t have, since their outlook is negative and ungenerous. When people such as this do help, it is only by coincidence. Things can get better on their own, and they will try and take credit for that. This is a common attitude across the Essex Mental Health Services, that of the telemarketing scam, the pushy salesman or evangelist: They throw a brick through your window in order to sell you a burglar alarm.

    • Pamela Madison replied on

      Thank you for your honest feedback; in response I’d like to make it clear that it’s highly unprofessional for patients to be discussed in this way, it goes against our policy regarding Information Governance within EPUT and our expressed values as an organisation. This will be addressed with the staff in the area identified. They will be reminded of our obligations to all our service users, their rights for dignity and continued privacy.
      A an organisation, our staff are committed to delivering the upmost care, respect and compassion to all our patients, so it is with regret you feel that we have been disingenuous, that you have not been listened to or aided more.
      If you would like to address any issues in more detail, it may be advisable for you to contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). PALS can help sort out any concerns or queries you may have about any service that the Trust provides, giving you information and support. PALS can also signpost you to other NHS and non-NHS organisations and support agencies.
      You can contact them by either calling 0800 085 7935, by post: PALS, The Lodge, The Chase, Wickford, Essex, SS11 7XX or by email [email protected]. The team will try to resolve your issues within 24 hours. If they’re unable to do so or if you are not satisfied with the response, it will be escalated for investigation.

  3. Nearly impossible to get an appointment

    It is nearly impossible to get an appointment. Every time I am supposed to have an apppointment I end up having to chase it up. They do not make any treatments available in a reasonable timescale except for medication. They do not review medication or take into account it’s side effects….if you don’t take your medication they say that is the cause of your problem, even if the medication causes further problems.

    This service could be improved by: Making the next appointment during / immediately after the current appointment. Every other NHS service I use will do this.
    Make the treatment that NICE say should be available, available within the timescales specified.

  4. Poor

    Sorry, I don’t want to put my experiences down as they may see this and track back to me.