Church Lane Surgery

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Church Lane Surgery
Braintree College
Church Lane

01376 552474

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16 reviews from the local community

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Church Lane Surgery Feedback

  1. Good experience.

    I awoke with a pain, called the practice ( phone on speaker while I dozed) got a reply in about 40 mins, appt in 3 hours. I dozed off again and was awakened by a call from the Dr who then waited for me to get there. She examined me and advised that I go to A&E . Arrived at Broomfield and was in the system within 30 mins. Had a raft of tests and was put into a ward untill seen by a consultant. I have ,in the past been frustrated by Church Lane Surgery since the Dr Evans days but was very impressed by this experience.

  2. Disgusting Care!!

    Awful surgery, uncaring, management don’t care, Virgin care don’t care about patients or complaints, receptionist staff rude, well some especially one lady. Some of the doctors are absolutely awful and don’t care or want to listen or help.
    Appointments almost impossible to get!!
    Call 8am in the morning wait hours on the phone over 100+ calls then told no appointments.

    Absolutely disgusting care how is this surgery still open!

  3. Avoid this surgery

    The service provided by this surgery is shocking. Although individual staff members appear friendly and helpful the overall service management is appallingly bad. No communication, repeat medication rarely ready on time, data protection issues, etc. In summary, I am seeking to change surgeries as a Dr is supposed to make you better and it is no exaggeration to say that the stress involved with dealing with this surgery us making me ill

  4. Unanswered telephones no matter what time of day

    Too few GPs for a surgery this size. Be we see the same GP twice .. as older patients we are both slow moving it feels rushed. Dread the thought of asking for appointment.

  5. good service once you get an appointment

    really hard to get through to a receptionist. It’s obvious that they need more front line staff. However, I feel that the service is adequate for such a busy practice.

  6. No issues-very happy & getting better

    Managed to get through on the phone much easier than several months ago (know the phone lines were playing up before?) appointment for the same day, seen by an AMP who was very understanding and sent over a prescription accordingly. Only hear negative things about this surgery but I have never had an issue. Sometimes they run out of same day appointments- I’m sorry but if you are that ill that you can’t wait, take responsibility and go to the walk in centre!

  7. it takes personal visit to get appointments

    period of 3 mths 5 nurses 2 doctors inapropiate diagnoses i still have same problem. Have any of them experience of medical issues. Reception staff do the best they can but get no back up from Virgin.

  8. Waits of an hour to answer phone.

    This surgery has deteriorated in all areas of care and I find the process of getting repeat prescriptions a real one of my strong pain medications is now being denied leaving me distressed and in excessive pain.
    They seem to be working from a medical model instead of holistically as my mental health deteriorates whenever even doing the simplest thing with Church Lane ringing the surgery for any reason takes up to an hour.
    The location of the surgery makes it more accessible and it helps having off road parking.
    There needs to be a total overhaul of the service at Church Lane surgery. Staff recruitment must be difficult, but for the wellbeing of its patients I feel that the NHS need to come on board and offer advise in their own capacity.
    Personally I suffer both physically and mentally with various conditions. My health is worsening due to a lack of adequate services.

  9. Avoid they treat you so bad

    Waited 50 mins for my appt no apology I was offended by GP’s indifference to my condition. Told to go elsewhere if I wanted to! Rude reception staff.Virgin Care are the worst. I’m suicidal now with pain. Bright, clean surgery that’s it. Patients are an inconvenience!

  10. Unbelievable!

    Had an appointment with a Medical Nurse Practitioner as I could not get to see a Doctor. Totally unprofessional in every way and was not the person I was told I would be seeing when the appointment was made. Virgin Care need to seriously get their act together in respect of this surgery. It must be the worst surgery in Braintree

  11. Incompetent at processing prescriptions

    Appalling. I have visited the surgery in person three times in the last week to get the medication we need following a family members operation. Yet again I have found that the latest prescription request has not been sent to the pharmacy so we are left with no medication over the weekend until I can go and demand a hard copy which I will then have to deliver to the pharmacy myself, taking more time off work in order to sort this out. There is a team of admin staff at the surgery who are clearly incompetent in providing a basic service. [What was good about the service? How do you think this service could be improved? – edited by HWE] Nothing!

  12. Inefficient, unsafe and failing!

    The back-office/reception staff seem incapable of processing prescriptions accurately or promptly. Processes between the surgery and local pharmacies seem to change at a whim, leading to me to have to take time off work so that I can organise/collect hard copy prescriptions ahead of the weekend – two personal visits in one week isn’t acceptable. This is a basic service for any practice to deliver. It is impossible to get anyone to answer the telephone, but how do they expect full-time workers to be able to keep taking time out for personal visits because of their inefficiencies. Frustratingly, a locum practice manager has been appointed but it is impossible to get an appointment to talk through all the issues and find out what he is doing to sort out this failing surgery and ensure the staff are adequately trained and competent to carry out their jobs.

  13. Poor service

    Countless visits to the surgery as no-one ever answers the phone [What was good about the service? How do you think this service could be improved? edited by HWE] At the moment, sadly, there is nothing good about the service and it would improve if someone just answered the phone

  14. Neglectful and inefficient service

    Unable to get appointments by telephone leading to wasteful trips to the surgery in person to do battle with the receptionists. Only one doctor available – what on earth is going on? NHS England should be sorting this out as they are responsible for ensuring Virgin Care provides the services it is being paid for under contract! [What was good about the service? How do you think this service could be improved? – HWE] Nothing! I can only hope it can get better rather than failing completely. Pointless increasing the numbers of admin when there’s only one doctor which we’re all battling to see!
    (By the way, this surgery is called College Lane and moved premises – please update your records!)

  15. Polite staff, efficient doctor, pleases with

    Staff really try to help at surgery. I had to wait a month for routine appointment but don’t think anywhere else any different. The doctor made an accuurate opinion

  16. Lack of Doctors

    When you have to queue up from 7.15 am to – hopefully – get an appointment for that day. Not enough Drs – too many patients – should have closed their books a few years ago but didn’t and lost excellent GPs in the process. Staff are very stressed but try their best – would hate to work like that