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10 reviews from the local community

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Chelmsford & Essex Centre Feedback

  1. The worst year of my life

    I was encouraged to write a journal which I thought only my Care Coordinator at the time would read, instead I went to a meeting which another member of staff took and was bombarded with questions about my journal. I ended up very distressed, apparently any member of staff can read what you write and, as in my case, use it against you. Several things happened which left me upset. The manager coldly wrote to me and told me I didn’t have a Care Coordinator any more – he claimed I was not engaging with the Care Coordinator I had at that time and there would be ‘no communication’. I had written to my Care Coordinator at the time twice and she did not get in touch with me – surely it was her that wasn’t engaging with me? When at first I phoned her all she kept saying was “I can’t talk about it” over and over again – that’s why I wrote to her. I rang ‘Duty’ and they told me they wouldn’t talk to me, yet I was told I could phone ‘Duty’ – I wrote and told the manager and he did nothing — I was left without any support from the C&E Centre. I wrote to the manager four times or so, but true to his word he did not communicate. I tried to complain through Pals, but they just passed it on to the C&E Centre who turned it down twice! Pointless.

  2. Appalling

    Have had numerous suicide attempts yet they refuse to support me, despite informing me I have a one to one care support worker who I have never seen; promised to provide medication, which they then refused; refused to arrange an urgent psychiatric appointment, and after 6 moths have arranged to me to see a Psychiatrist who has no experience in treating my mental health condition (she specialises in addition) and the appointment is only for a medication review!!!!
    This service is responsible for ruining peoples lives and contributing to their deaths. Someone needs to take accountability.

  3. Usually very

    Today I had to speak to ** as I was distressed she was very rude and invalidating .came off the phone in a worse state than I was to start with. Leading to high thoughts of self harm and suicidal thoughts
    Made a complaint to PALS she was let off with more training never mind what she did to me
    As I say most of the staff I have dealt with are professional.
    All my care coordinators have been lovely always find reception staff helpful
    The name above Is the only one I have a bad experience with
    I know at times it is very frustrating to get through to people which but I do try and respect the fact that the staffing levels are low and there is always sickness and lots of patients
    But it is staff like ** who let them down

  4. Waste of time

    I really wanted help but they did not help couldn’t give me answers to my questions and then I found out they was lying to me . All they do is put you on medication. I can’t trust anyone now they are there to help and support you I feel so let down but guess I will just suffer in silence like I always have .

  5. Lack of empathy

    Poor service
    Complain and nothing gets done
    Take it to PALS and they do nothing
    Service lacks compassion and understanding, no continuity.
    Getting access to crisis team is impossible.
    Very obstructive service, not helpful for a mentally ill person.

  6. Lack of empathy

    This service has gone from bad to worse. Had contact with this team recently by telephone and the call taker was so rude that they made me feel like a nuiscence. Their approach is `what can we do for you?, how can we help you? Doesn`t leave a patient feeling very confident. No wonder people are passing away in this area. If you called a hospital for physical health, a patient would not be spoken to like this, so why are the mental health staff doing it?There are only two members of staff that seem nice there at the moment. They signpost people and that is all. At least samaritans do a great job.

  7. at the moment no consistency

    At the moment very negative

  8. Useless service provided

    Letters being sent to an old address even though they had my new one resulting in me being discharged. Discharged as I would not take medication due to the effects they have had on me in the past. A history of agoraphobia and social anxiety I was still repeatedly offered group therapy for OCD, which I struggled to attend and eventually failed to due to the anxiety it caused me. I was discharged yet again for not engaging in a service that was unsuitable for my needs.
    Phone calls to the centre and repeated attempts to contact the crisis team went unanswered. Appointments with a consultant psychiatrist were made but did not happen as consultant went on maternity leave.
    Medical referrals were not made which resulted in a medical condition not being diagnosed for over a year. My medical notes contained internal emails with jokes about the persistence in obtaining them and the files were referred to as ‘the bible’. I have been handed another patients notes whose name and address I now know and in my notes I have repeatedly been referred to by a different name. Recently CBT sessions were put on hold by staff at C and E centre as they felt that I was struggling and needed a closer eye kept on me. Home visits were arranged but these did not happen.

  9. Much improved!

    Last visited a psychiatrist here in Summer 2017, and was discharged after several years under NEP team. Much improved over the past year or so, psychiatrist asked for feedback and was engaged and welcoming without being patronising. Reception staff seemed a lot more organised and friendlier. My appointment time was kept, whereas in the past I have waited hours. Much improved! Only negative is lack of parking on sit. [What was good about the service? How do you think this service could be improved? – edited by HWE] Psychiatrist I saw was very engaged and listened to me. Also asked for feedback. I actually phoned the Trust HQ a few days later to leave some feedback for him, as felt so strongly that he had tried to support me. Great to see such a marked difference from 2 or 3 years ago. Service could be improved by offering appointments after 5pm, as I work full time and often have to take a full day’s annual leave for my ten minute appointment.

  10. Team of clowns

    Poor treatment, doctor seems blaise,paperwork goes missing,A does not keep B informed of what is going on. Some staff incompetent. People phone up in crisis and told will get a call back or sometimes a member of staff will do nothing leaving a patient in a dangerous state, They say ring the crisis line, all they do is leave a message for the day team. Like being on a roundabout. The odd member of staff I have met behaves in a bullish manner. This team says to ring when in crisis and when they do they are told they do not understand what a patient means when they say they are in crisis!
    Nothing [is good] apart from the consultant. Service is as good as useless. Staff do not know what to do with people. You might as well call it the mental health call centre.

    • Thomas Way replied on

      Dear Sir/Madam

      We are sorry to hear that found the services provided at the C&E Centre to be sub-standard. We always endeavour to provide the best possible services, but sometimes we fall down on our standards. We will relay your comments to the team and director in question who will conduct any investigations as necessary. We welcome your comments – they have alerted us to potentially problems at the location in question that will now be addressed.

      Kind regards,
      Thomas Way, NEP Communications

      Should you wish to take your concerns further, please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service.