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28 reviews from the local community

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Caradoc Surgery Feedback

  1. Shocking this surgery is not fit for purpose

    Very stressful trying weeks for appointment then the doctor not bothering to examine or say much seemed utterly clueless and too tired to function . Feeling really upset he didn’t really listen

  2. Doctors just do not care

    I went for my prescription review as I am on long term medication, the Dr called me through gestured for me to sit and said ‘ blood pressure’ pointing at my arm, once he had taken it he silently printed off a sheet of paper, then stood up and said ‘book a blood test’ and opened door for me to leave. 6 words he spoke and it made me feel neglected and of no consequence. If you can not talk to your local GP then who do you talk to ? The treatment I received is an example of just how terrible this practice has become.

  3. A complete and utter waste of time

    Trying to get an appointment means a day wasted waiting for the phone to be answered. Despite a screen in reception saying you can make an appointment in advance this is not the case when you finally get through.
    Staff are very unhelpful when a patient has a problem.This leads to anxiety.
    The thought of having to contact the surgery makes me feel ill

  4. Appointments system hopeless

    Trying to get an appointment is enough to make you ill. Who thought up this third-world system?
    Ace has failed in Frinton. The town deserves better.

  5. receptionists rude incompetent ignorant

    receptionists very rude uncaring lack communication skills and have no idea how to use a computer so bossy and not interested in patients or their needs. Chattering in the back office when there’s a queue no respect for individuals.

  6. Not possible to obtain an appointment

    Awful telephone service (if you can get through). I began calling at 7.55am it took me an hour and 15 minutes to actually speak to an operator, to then be told there were no appointments today nor any I can pre-book for this coming week. I would just have to try and do the same again tomorrow.

  7. Ignorant and uncaring telephone staff

    AMember of family who suffers from chronic reoccurring anxiety and depression got through after 25 minutes on phone line to be told by girl on phoneline that it did not count as an emergency that they had not slept for over 5 nights. Mental health is hard enough for the patient to deal with without such stupidity and ignorance.

  8. Lost Power of Attorney, & rude nurse

    An apparent change of computer system has not included a PoA in the Patient Record, and the Original is said to have been destroyed once it had been noted on the old system. It is a Legal document and they should NOT have destroyed it.
    The nurse was extremely curt and snappy when I took a 93-year-old for her jab, seemingly because it took the old lady a few seconds too long to remove her jacket and roll up her sleeve. No compassion at all. She then snapped an instruction right in my ear to those in the waiting room to be sure to have their coats off and be ready! She said they got 2 minutes per jab. We were in the surgery less than a minute!

  9. Appointment system rendered service useless

    Since the inception of the new appointments / queing system, I have found it next to impossible to even get an appointment at the Caradoc Surgery. A typical attempt will see you fail to connect to the appointments helpline, left instead with an engaged tone, or if in the unlikely event that you do get through, waits of up to 59 minutes. If you try to visit in person, you are confronted by unhelpful staff, and an empty waiting room. On several occasions now, my family have had to rely on the Claction Drop-in Centre, placing burden on other parts of the local healthcare system. This needs sorting out!

  10. An Appalling Service

    A visit to the Dr’s was once a friendly experience but a visit to Caradoc has become a hostile one.
    Like most other people have already stated in their reviews, it has taken me between 45 mins to an hour to book an appointment to see a Dr and even then only after being cross-examined by the receptionists as to whether my condition warrants the attention of a Dr or a nurse.
    The Dr I saw back in the Spring was extremely rude and disbelieving of my condition. The Dr I saw recently was more amenable, but my overall experience of Caradoc is one of total disbelief at how dreadful this particular GP’s surgery has become.

  11. Appointment system is not fit for purpose

    On this occasion I have been unable to get an appointment despite being connected as soon as the phone lines are open. How can there not be any appointments? they can’t be pre-booked so we have to ring on the day. I’ve had previous trouble trying to get an appointment and have even had cause to complain about the professionalism of one of the doctors. This surgery is the worst I’ve ever been registered with. Terrible.

  12. Absoulutely terrible service

    Appointments are impossible to get and it takes 20 minutes to 1 hour before they answer the phone to find out you can’t get an appointment.

  13. Very Variable with good and bad experiences

    In August I had a blood test; it came back with low sodium and ‘see your GP’ message. Booked appointment non-emergency earliest was just about a month later. I saw a Dr. who was meant to be [xxx – edited by HWE], who I was told I would be having the appointment with. This Doctor took me off 100mg of Setraline and 10mg in morning and 75 mg of Amytriptaline. I had been on them for about 10 yrs or more: Sertraline for depression and Amytriptaline for anxiety, OCD, insomnia, panic attacks AND for the pain of osteo-arthritis in neck and spine and hands. Amytriptaline also for migraines. He told me to come off them as their side effects include low sodium and high blood pressure, which I have. He said to over a four day period take one sertraline every other day and stop the Amytriptaline. He replaced them with mirtazapine 15mg. For the last 3 and a half weeks, I have had depression so bad that I was in bed for 6 days. I had no slept at all for 4 days and then still bad insomnia. Dizziness, diarrhoea, couldn’t walk in a straight line, motion sickness, faint light headed feeling, headache, etc. I have been unable to work; I did not get a sick note as no energy to battle to appts system. When I had reached rock bottom and into the pit of depression, my husband phoned to get me a GP appt. He rang 199 times. He still has this recorded on his phone. He finally got through at 8.30, having started calling at 8 am. He was told no appointments. I had a call back form the Pharmacist at the surgery, asked questions, she booked me next appt she could give out, suggesting I saw XXX who I had seen last time. I was so scared of coming back to see him that my husband came with me. When called in to see the GP to my surprise I found that the real XXX was fantastic and has reversed the decision of the last GP, whose name it turns out is XXX. I cried at the relief. After only 2 days back on my original medication, I can feel that I am gradually getting back to where I was before the last month or so. I feel very upset that I put my family through the last month, and that I felt so bad I could do nothing. I did think it strange that the first Dr, who I through was Dr. XXX but wasn’t (!) took me off of those medications but he is the GP and knows more about it than me, I trusted his decision XXX is superb and thank God for him. He knew exactly how I felt and what had to be done. So this has left me totally exhausted and upset that I have missed out on 3 and a half weeks of my life, as have my family. I now have to have my original 2 medications on monthly prescription to collect form surgery rather then on the 6 monthly set up. I can forsee problems with this, as I used to have problems with getting the right prescriptions until M&M helped me to get them all at 6 monthly and not needing to go to the Doctors..

  14. 28 minutes to order a prescription

    no automated voicemail service for customers to order repeat prescriptions – requires improvement rating on almost every aspect of the service, clearly little headway being made on customer service, my every interaction with this surgery has been frustrating and glacial

  15. Dreadful primany access to the N.H.S..

    Difficult to get an appointment, Telephone service “lines busy”…. then 20 min wait, direct to Clacton Hospital walk in centre…. 8 miles away at my expense. This concerned a damaged Knee…… I have not seen anyone about this, the G.P.s are being rationed by a Telephonist following an “Idiot Sheet”

  16. Appalling

    unbelievably poor customer service. Nothing good – the whole system needs a turnover.

  17. Poor service, lack of professionalism

    Since the privatisation through ACE, money is more important than quality service. They now adopt a tick box approach rather than practical approach. The seem confused, and so self righteous even when they were wrong.

  18. This service gets Zero Stars!

    25 minutes of continual ringing. Get through and am then told there is a 45 minute wait! This is progress?

    Just as well that I am not suffering Depression, otherwise I might have topped myself by now!

  19. Over 30 minutes on hold in the telephone

    4 attempts at trying to get an appointment but to no avail. I was adviced to call at 08:00hrs which led to a 40 minute hold only to be told that no doctor was available.

  20. degrading, frustrating, unhelpful, upsetting.

    I saw a great Dr 2 weeks previous to this visit, where he referred me for emergency tests for a life threatening condition due to right sided weakness, hypertension and irregular heartbeat. He examined me throughly. Fortunately, it was all clear but was informed by my consultant to return to the doctors while neuro was being referred. I still had no diagnosis but same presentation . After rowing with manager, as they would only give me a nurses appointment she asks if it would make me happy to see the doctor… err yes please!! I didn’t even necessarily want it for that day!
    When the dr saw me ( different one than one I had seen 2weekd previously) he was so rude. He kept intrupting me whilst I was attempting to explain my symptoms. He then unprofessionally judged and commented on the clinical expertise of his fellow Dr who had previously sent me for tests .. stating “goodness knows why he done that”. He then told me to google what I might have, that he couldn’t help me. After trying to show him hypertension record sheet and pulse rate he said it’s not too bad, as long as your not fainting. Questioning him on my heart and BP along with my obvious paralysis in my right hand, he informed me that I LOOKED fine. He did not conduct one medical examination, no BP test, didn’t listen to my heart, didn’t even look or touch my right side. He has no idea of the NHS Constitutional values and am appalled that people like him give the NHS such a terrible name.
    I feel that I was judged and branded as annoying on my record before even sitting down in his office .

  21. Cannot get an appointment

    1hour to pick up the phone n when they do no appointments available. It’s rubbish! No Hub would be helpful.

  22. Disgusting, so upset

    No returned calls, bad decisions, awful awful service and care. Utterly shocking. Cannot get an appointment, no one calls back and being told I don’t need to see a doctor when my blood test results were dangerously low.

  23. Can never get an appointment

    Ring over 50 times to get an appointment and if you are lucky enough to get through usually have 20+ callers in front of you. Also they do not always do repeat prescriptions. [How do you think this service could be improved? – edited by HWE] To be able to make an appointment and to have prescriptions ready when they should be.

  24. Can't get appointments when needed.

    Appointments hard to make. Prescriptions not done correctly due to reception staff not listening or reading notes correctly. Elderly people being left frustrated as letters sent saying appointment not kept for blood test when they didn’t get the letter saying to go. I could go on and on but it isn’t getting me anywhere. Have a better appointment system. Reception staff with better customer skills.

  25. Cannot get an appointment

    Spend ages on hold trying to get an appointment. Cannot keep doing this as I work early mornings as I am a teacher. I live close to the surgery so would like the choice to pop in and make an appointment. Change how we can make an appointment. The new system does NOT work.

  26. Spent hours calling to make an appointment

    Nobody is answering the phone after hours of calling. Just engaged tones on the phone, I live 1 minute from the surgery but am not allowed to make a booking over the counter!!! Am about to pay £85 for a private GP appointment in Colchester. When you get to see a doctor they are good but this is crazy. Nothing is good, the doctor is good but you never get to see him.

  27. New appointment system is a joke.

    80 mins to get a test result, then the problem of another long wait to get an appointment to see a doctor, Nothing was good, go back to booking through the durgery

  28. complete lack of information

    Lack of information to the patients. implementing a new software system so locked down patient access to prescriptions etc without telling the patients. Claiming have written to everyone but letter not received. [What was good about the service? How do you think this service could be improved? – edited by HWE] A receptionist should accept that her knowledge is limited, there was limited patient confidentiality as made to recite the problem but then told that need to see a doctor. I believe they have been told to be vague to avoid confrontation.