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7 reviews from the local community

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Brentwood Resource Centre Feedback

  1. Not grate

    I found the center to not be very gd due to inconsistency over the yrs & inadequate to help in the end after 4 yrs of no help and only given the wrong meds for 3 yrs

    To then be given the right medication then passed over to Basildon for care support counselling group sessions

    • EPUT Patient Experience Team (Director of Patient Experience) replied on

      Dear Reviewer
      Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback on our services. I am sorry that there has been inconsistencies with your care over the years and that you were given the wrong medication. Please accept my apologies for this. I hope that the Basildon Team are now able to help and support you going forward. If you would like us to look into this further for you please contact our PALS Team on tel: 0800 085 7935 or by email [email protected] who will be able to assist you.

  2. Waste of nhs time

    I have been trying for a least 6 years to find out why I was taken of a med ,every time I have asked the response is always the same ” oh ,I will look into it” and nobody has ever found out .when I ask can I go back on it the same response ” why was you taken off it? ” now the latest Dr I saw told me at the end of appointment that she can’t change or add medication until I was discussed in a meeting to following week.the appointment was arranged by my gp about changing one of my meds to another . So the dr at the resource centre knew the appointment was about changing medication so it was not only a waste of my time but a waste of nhs time . Now I’m not on any mental health meds and the team I’m going to request my records to find out why the medication that I was on for ten years was stopped .and I will go to the media just to let them know that it is the nhs that are wasting appointments.

    • EPUT Patient Experience Team (Director of Patient Experience) replied on

      Dear Maria

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I am sorry to learn of the concerns you have raised in relation to requesting doctors looking into your medication. Please accept my apologies for this and also that you felt the appointment was a waste of time. We will copy your feedback to the relevant team for them to reflect on the concerns you have raised to review and improve the services that they provide.

      The PALS Team (Patient Advice & Liaison Team) are aware of your feedback and I have requested that they make contact with you to discuss. However, you may wish to contact them directly on tel: 0800 085 7935 or by email [email protected].

      Thank you for raising your concerns with us. Please accept my sincere apologies once again for the distress and upset this matter has clearly caused you.

  3. 10 Months since l last commented on here

    After posting my last comment, I got a sudden call from the social worker asking me if I can attend at Brentwood centre. When I asked, what about my agoraphobia to which I was asked…are you saying you are refusing the offer of treatment? I had to agree to going in to stop from being written off then he visited me and told me that he did not think he was suitable to deal with my issue’s I then called Brentwood and was told, could not speak to my doctor and they would email him and he would contact me hopefully within 48 hours or I can speak to their other doctor which I had put in a complaint about otherwise I would be refusing treatment.. to cover their ar**’s. It seems that unless a severally agoraphobic patient somehow manages to get to them, they can just be written off. LOL I literally just had a letter arrive cancelling an appointment to ATTEND the Brentwood Resource Centre. My choice is now to up and leave everything behind, as far away as possible, even if It means being homeless. To anyone who has not reached this point yet and are not being helped by the Brentwood Resource Centre, please ring somebody like the Samaritans on: 0330 094 5717. For some, they can help before things feel too much. Put yourselves 1st for once please.

  4. Total failure by all departments

    The whole team don’t know what they are doing or don’t care what they do.
    They constantly lie. Told crisis team I wanted to kill myself, they said I was not registered with them so they could not talk to me and rang off without helping me or informing anyone else I was suicidal.
    I had the care team come to mine. I told them that I had attempted suicide recently and nearly succeeded, they said they were going back to the office to have a group meeting. That was well over a month ago and still not heard from them. I spoke to care team social worker *** six days ago, told him I am not getting any sleep at all and my head is all messed up and I need help. I was asked to try and cope best I could over the weekend and he would sort things out on Monday, it’s now Thursday, still not contacted me. I have even complained to staff in the past and they have actually replied…well, that’s the nhs for you. Am surprised I am still alive.

  5. No treatment, over sedation, no care

    This service continues to fail.
    Lack of services result in the over sedation of many patients, no community care has been followed and as a direct result this service destroyed our family. Promises of therapies/respite days/more support never became more than words.
    Once I complained I was then continuously attacked by this service, blamed for my mum’s I’ll health (although this is their failing)
    I was physically threatened by their service manager and this service still continues to paint me as a liar.

  6. Abusers

    This service and the staff whom work within it are an absolute disgrace. This service should be suspended until adequate staff can be employed and neglect stops happening

    • Pamela Madison replied on

      We are really sorry that you feel this way about our services. We welcome your feedback and are always striving to improve services.

  7. Palmed off, miswritten notes, lied to.

    Was referred by my GP. Attended appointment thinking I’d finally get some footing again but to no avail. I was told I’d get out forward to a group therapy and one on one but the notes from the session say otherwise and I’ve not heard from them. Now I’m stuck at home being told via letter I need to attend an ESA review with no CPN and anxiety that’s making me physically sick.