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Basildon Mental Health Unit

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Basildon Hospital
SS16 5NL

0300 123 0808

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7 reviews from the local community

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Basildon Mental Health Unit Feedback

  1. Worst experience of my life.

    Had ect and multiple treatments against my will. Had to get a solicitor to get me out of cherry down mental health unit. After care is inconsistent and non existent in 6 months since leaving the unit I’ve had 6 care co ordinators no therapy and been left with severe PTSD. 47 outstanding cqc complaints made against the unit from my family during my time in the unit. Multiple complaints made to cqc about grays hall for lack of after care. Easy to see why over 2000 DEATHS have happened under ESSEX PARTNERSHIP UNIVERSITY TRUST.

    • EPUT Patient Experience Team (Director of Patient Experience) replied on

      Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on the Basildon Mental Health Unit via Healthwatch. We are sorry you found our services below the standard of which we would expect. Please accept our apologies for any upset this may have caused you. We are keen to discuss this more with you and identify opportunities for learning. Would you be happy for one of our Patient Advise & Liaison Service (PALS) officers to contact you by email ? Alternatively if you would like a member of the PALS Team to contact you by telephone please let us know the best number to contact you on. Once again I am sorry for any distress this matter has caused you. Thank you.

  2. Absolutely shocking

    I have recently watched the channel 4 documentary about mental health units in Essex and thought I would share my story.
    All I can say is it’s absolutely shocking what goes on in these places.. there is NO care.
    I was admitted in December 2016 after giving birth to my first child. I was suffering depression, anxiety and psychosis. I was left day in day out to my own devices.. I was ignored when I needed to go to my room to get breast pads and sanitary pads (which was much needed after I’d just given birth). On the ward was men showing there private parts.. staff did nothing but laugh. I was 18 and very venerable. I will forever be traumatised from being in that place. Punished for being mentally unwell! Staff would fall asleep whilst ‘observing’, sit on there phones, laugh at patients when they was in crisis, walk past you when you are crying out for help and so much more. My illness was terrible but being in there was so much worse!! The system is broken. This is not good enough! Cruel cruel workers who need to be sacked. That is all.

    • Sharon Westfield de Cortez () replied on

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We have passed it on to both the relevant organisation and the wider health and care system scrutiny boards within Essex.

      We recognise the traumatic and distressing nature of what you have written. If you would like to speak to someone to help access support or information, please do get in touch with our team on 0300 500 1895 or [email protected]

  3. Nightmare experience

    I was somewhat forced to say I would ‘voluntarily’ enter this assessment unit, as the mental health staff at the hospital I was admitted to said that if I didn’t, I would be sectioned! I had assumed that a mental health unit would be a nice, quiet, relaxing place – how wrong was I! You are given a room, with only a tiny bed, a chair and a small chest of drawers. You are not allowed to close the door so staff can just come and check you at any time. It felt like a prison and that I was being punished. There were people shouting and swearing through the night, which really scared me. They don’t allow you to keep phone chargers or laces, in case of self harming. The food was disgusting. I kept asking every member of staff I saw to get me a doctor/consultant that I could speak to. They just kept fobbing me off, nobody came – until the next day when I asked one kind man who worked there. He eventually came to my room with a lovely female psychiatrist. They sat and talked to me and listened to me. I explained that I would not last long in there, the stress of it would send me spiralling downwards. Thankfully, they believed me and decided to allow me to be released within the hour. I WOULD NEVER EVER WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN. IT IS A PLACE OF NIGHTMARES! I cannot see how anybody can “get better” in a place like that.

  4. Drugs, alcohol, self harm, assault

    My mum had been an inpatient here on many occasions, during these stays of respite I visited nearly each day.
    I witnessed people drinking disguised alcohol,
    one patient told me he bought cocaine into the unit by hiding it in his anus.
    I witnessed a lady trying to hurt her wrists with plastic cutlery
    (i informed the staff on each occasion of what I’d witnessed)

    Also whilst my mum was on this unit she was pulled around the floor by another patient and also had £25 stolen from her. I attempted to take this up with the unit staff who shut me down each time.

  5. Very poor

    Get no help feel very let down

  6. Disgraced Themselves

    This service was in the news recently, for the abuse and exploitation of Patients. So apparently the Mental Health Service cannot identify sociopathic tendencies when it is hiring its own Staff. This has led to a loss of Faith in both the ability of the NHS to provide Mental Health Care, and in the underlying theoretical basis for establishing the presence of Mental Illness. Treat the Patients like Human Beings.

  7. Staff don't help anyone, speak unintelligably

    Stayed here on a section 28 for 4 days, worst experience of my life. Staff didn’t do anything to keep patients safe. Managed to get out but feel sorry for those being abused in this manner. It’s like an old lunatic asylum. Disgraceful.