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568 Whitmore Way
SS14 2ER

01268 532795

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5 reviews from the local community

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Aegis Medical Centre Feedback

  1. playing with peoples lives.

    Always 30+ mins to wait just to get through, for years they have done this. Never use to be like this and I have attended this practice for 40 years.

    I booked to see the doctor, had to fight to get seen, finally a real psychical appointment. When I showed up the receptionist said it was a telephone appointment when I clearly requested a face to face. Again I had to fight to get seen. Then I realised why I have to wait for 30 mins for them to pick up the phones as I waited to see the doctor I could hear the phones ringing whilst 4 receptionist (yes 4 of them) spoke about weekend activities.

    Shameful service.

    Finally got to see the doctor, he never looks at you and mumbles speaking to you whilst typing like a old man one key at a time, 5 words per min type level. Where we got these from I don’t know.

    I mean what on earth is going on. I couldn’t hear a word he was saying. Second guessing what my symptoms could be rather than taking to the time to ask me fundamental questions to assess what it might be. You can forget physical checks.

    I have to fight to get referred to a specialist otherwise I would be sent home with more pain killers. Don’t get me started on that one, seems to be a pharmacy commission practice than care & treatment.

    Even then between the doctor and receptionist to get my referral application done took several amendments.

    Absolutely crazy that any business/practice is allowed to function like this. I would love accept this is very serious.

    They are seriously playing with peoples lives.

    Both senior partners are terrible doctors – they never helped me. I had to move to another practice to get treated – shameless duty of care. I had several years of bad health and endless pain yet it was all cured by the attention of another doctor.

    Someone will die due to the lack of attention.

    Practice nurse said to me, if you don’t like it you can leave.

    I pray to god that all these staff get fired and removed from public care duties.

    Aegis Medical Centre

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    568 Whitmore Way, Basildon, Essex, SS14 2ER (01268) 532795
    Provided and run by:
    Aegis Medical Centre

    They are now under review for the 3rd time and hopefully the last before all of them are sacked

    If you or a loved one is also being mistreated, please report your own case to this review board:

    For more bad reviews just read:

    aegis mesical centre reviews – Google Search

  2. No professional personal medical care

    Various reasons why I am giving feedback; my daughter nearly died twice from midwife not giving proper care, 1 miscarriage and 2nd baby eclampsia not being diagnosed and my son having over the phone consultations of which could possibly be bowel/prostate cancer and needs to be examined and referred to hospital and was told they were not seeing patients still even though we are now in May 2022 and out of corona. 7 week old granddaughter not in the system for antibiotics or immunisations and no 6 week check up for my daughter and new born baby. Losing faith in this practise and have been with them 31 years

  3. Always been polite and helpful with me.

    Always been fine with me.

  4. Needs shutting down

    Absolutely disgraceful.

    I have been chucked off the system for filing a formal complaint! I have put in 2. The first time I had female issues and trying to explain to a male doctor…well that didn’t go down well. I was left after my phone consultation (as they are STILL not offering face to face) crying because he laughed at me down the phone. I filed a complaint. My second time was the other day. I am 26 weeks pregnant and suffer with IBS and was severely constipated. My midwife had put a note in with the doctor for a stronger medication. This was ignored. The receptionist told me to ring back 5 times which I did. The last time, they told me they would ring me back. Of course that never happened. After I explained my concerns that I believe I would end up in hospital over the weekend if I did not get any stronger medication to help me with my constipation, I was still ignored!

    The practice manager called me today 22/11/2021 and literally said “we think it’s best you find another surgery” BECAUSE THEY DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE PULLING THEM UP ON MISTAKES!!! Absolutely fuming. Luckily, I can still see my current midwife and have discussed this issue with her and she’s appalled!

  5. Rude, unhelpful, unprofessional service

    Iv had a few bad experiences here, their is never any appointments less than a week away the 4 times I have called this year for appt for me or my son even 10am have been told to wait till gone 6pm & call 111- all 4 occasions we ended up the hosp at out of hours service. [text removed] I went to gp 2 years ago regarding my son, mentioned I wasn’t coping well at home…. nothing was done, no information or services advise I then went to a health clinic who refered us, since then my son has regularly seen pediatricians he has a diagnosis ADHD & ASD with anxiety & sensory issues. [text removed] advice from 2 separate Dr’s up the hosp after me being their twice for symptoms that I need further checks & refered for ultrasound scan & a gynaecologist from my gp…. he refused to do the referral even knowing my late mother had cervical cancer- the area I’m experiencing problems with. Not one time have I been asked or have they chased up any occasion we’ve had to use out of hours or regarding my sons mental health. The customer service is appalling the staff are very rude, the Dr doesn’t even look in your direction let alone listen, interrupts whilst trying to explain the concerns why your their, his very patronising, just prints off a prescription & sends you on your way.

    • Sandra Laver replied on

      Dear Sir/Madam

      We are sorry that you feel like this, however if you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to call or write to me at the surgery where I will be very happy to discuss this further with you and resolve all of the issues that you have.

      Kind regards
      Sandra Laver
      Practice Manager