Healthwatch Essex Explores Addiction: Gambling

Reports have called the pandemic an ‘addiction crisis’, with many people struggling to access services and support organisations.

Concerns have been raised by several mental health and addiction facilities that gambling, drugs and alcohol are being used more due to the impact of COVID-19.

At Healthwatch Essex, we seek to capture the lived experience of local residents to create opportunities to shape wellbeing services and policy for others living within Essex.

We believe it is important for professionals to listen to individual stories that people bring of their experience to gather knowledge and understanding on barriers to accessing help. This will enable improvements to signposting of support organisations which can help aid early steps in recovery.

‘Addiction: Gambling, Drugs & Alcohol’ is an engagement project that will be conducted throughout the year, gathering the lived experience of people in Essex and listening to their views on what needs to improve. The findings will be featured in a new series of podcasts and shared anonymously in a March 2022 report.

We are initially looking to speak to people who either have experienced a gambling addiction or have significant knowledge on the topic. If you are interested in this project, please contact Renée Robey [email protected]