Living Better with Dementia

Around two million people live in Essex. Our community is living longer, and at the same time more of our families and friends are living with Dementia. This can put an even greater strain on family carers and the services set up to offer support.

Essex County Council has commissioned Dementia Adventure to produce four short films for family carers living in the county and supporting people living with dementia. These positive, practical films are designed to give much needed support – to help understand the condition, improve communication with loved ones, to understand the benefits of positive risk taking, see the importance of getting outdoors and to ultimately live better with dementia.

David Sollis, CEO of Healthwatch Essex, says: “This a great resource for people with Dementia, their families, Carers and professionals. The films are a great way to communicate the Lived Experience of those living with Dementia and the wider community. Healthwatch Essex continues to build its portfolio around Dementia, being involved in the Dementia Voices Report and continue to play an active role in the Dementia Action Alliances. I believe that dementia is an ever-growing challenge for our county and community and working with our partners Dementia Adventure and Essex County Council, we are ensuring that lived experience is at the heart of the health and social care support. We are proud to support such an important piece of work.”