What’s on the line? | Carers Week

We’re now in the middle of Carers Week 2019, a campaign created to raise awareness of the contribution made to society by carers, as well as the challenges they face in their caring role.

Carers Week states that there are 6.5 million people in the UK who are caring for someone with a disability, mental or physical illness. Yet many do not identify as being a carer; they simply see themselves as doing what comes naturally when a loved one needs support. Undoubtedly, their caring makes a huge difference for the person they are caring for, as well as being rewarding in itself. Caring brings its own challenges for the carer; they may not prioritise their own health and wellbeing, and their own relationships and finances can be affected whilst they are focussing on the loved one who needs their help.


In 2016, we published a report, ‘Carers Said...’, highlighting the importance of the carer’s voices being heard as well as the need to ensure that they are provided with up to date and relevant information on their rights and services available to them. Janet, a carer from Essex, contributed to the report, stating: “I think it’s important for them to hear the stories and what we go through and what we have to face because every day is a challenge. It’s a 24-hour job… you’ve got to think about them all the time, make sure they’re safe and that you’re doing the best for them”. 

There are numerous events taking place across Essex this week to highlight the information and support available to carers, to help them look after themselves so they can continue to care for their loved one. Our Information & Signposting Officer, Sam, attended the Carers Week event at The Quadrant, Braintree to provide such information.

Our team would love to hear about your experiences as a carer and we can provide details of support services and information if needed. Contact us by phone on 0300 500 1895, email [email protected] or drop us a text on 07712 395 398.