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Rectory Lane
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4 reviews from the local community

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Rectory Lane Health Centre Feedback

  1. Poor communication to patient /GP

    I asked my GP for a face to face referral to a consultant psychiatrist locally 13/9/22 and the GP referred to the wrong service after saying that anyone else in this situation would have had a breakdown. I have contacted every complaints procedure for restorative justice including the General Medical council and Ombudsman. Electronic referrals had wrong patient history from 2 GP 13/9/22 and 18/10/22 (1GP had never seen or spoken to me and when I complained in person 27/3/23 just ignored me, complaints ignored by practice manager and other doctors. I asked to see another GP 28/3/23 who again ignored complaints/was dismissive, check me for infection as I wanted to donate blood and gave me a covid infection after asking me to remove my mask (GP looked unwell, stressed and the room was unventilated). No response from GP surgery who failed at everything. I met a kind and understanding consultant psychiatrist 21/11/22 and was discharged after 1 appointment confirming no mental health issues. I thought I would have a follow up appointment and spent months trying to get a summary letter from this practice who refused to communicate. Very stressful and the summary letter obviously was a template of the GP errors in patient history. I contacted the practice multiple times to discover the consultant was very difficult to reach. Contact by no caller ID phone was made 27/4/23 and a replacement letter was sent still with errors. As a person with chronic stress, sight/hearing loss I have spotted multiple errors in letters which are difficult to get corrected. Still wrong and GP practice is totally confused for 3 years, I am not!. I was never asked about parts of my history and disagree with the summary. I agree with the consultant no mental health issues after lots of trauma/multiple bereavements and chronic infection due to stress/false accusations and multiple medical conditions.This service needs to improve patient journey, accurate letters to patient/GP and communication. Privacy from other patients essential, improve the open reception. Entrance/exit security good. Patient feedback regarding consultant excellent. It is very hard to surprise a consultant psychiatrist who was amazed at my history and ability to cope with a very complex situation over 33 years. I understand how mental health services should work in the community and believe improvements could be made. When meeting the staff in person, very efficient, polite and understanding. Over the phone or by post very frustrating.Adult mental health service better than child services CAMHS. No response from PALS. Why?

  2. Safe and respectful space

    I have always felt that I was being listened to and given a choice in my treatment.
    Staff have always been polite and I felt that I was in a trusted place.
    My only slight issue is communication from the psychiatrist and my gp. Repeat prescriptions and dose changes seem to get lost in the ether.

  3. Poor communication total lack of empathy

    Lack of communication, total lack of empathy from staff. No follow up on my condition only ever we want you to do xyz. Not sure they have ever heard of patient autonomy or respect. When they want paperwork want it within a couple of days no understanding.

  4. Passed from one Psychiatrist to another.

    Lack of understanding and told I’ve not got a mental illness its a disorder. This doesn’t seem right as I am, depressed, tired, anxious as well as being told I have mixed personality disorder. I have claimed PIP, but hit my head against a brick wall trying to get written support for my claim, hence become more ill, as had to go to court in person and still told I am not entitled to PIP. Its never ending and feel angry and frustrated due to the diagnosis not corresponding to my general self.

    • Thomas Way replied on

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      We are very sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our services. If you feel that your diagnosis is incorrect then you should get back in contact with our services to request an explanation of the rationale behind said diagnosis. With regard to benefits, as a public sector organisation we are obliged to provide all due paperwork upon request.

      If you believe that an error has occurred with some of the evidence we have supplied and with your diagnosis then please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

      By phone 01245 546633
      PALS are available Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm. Please leave a message outside these hours and PALS will contact you within three working days.
      By email [email protected]