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Our health visiting teams provide a public health service to children and their families, with a focus on early intervention and prevention, as well as promoting both physical and social well-being.rnrnThe service is based at:rnGreat Oaks Clinic, Great Oaks, BasildonrnLaindon Health Centre, High Road, LaindonrnPitsea Clinic, High Road, PitsearnVange Health Centre, Southview Road, Vange, BasildonrnBrentwood Community Hospital, Crescent Drive, BrentwoodrnBillericay Health Centre, Stock Road, BillericayrnWickford Health Centre, 2 Market Road, Wickford

South West Essex

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NELFT: Health Visiting Feedback

  1. Near impossible to access child SEND services

    Health visitors and social workers refuse to accept evidence from other agencies which lead to long waiting times (5 years from first concerns to diagnosis, still no support) Beware of gaslighting (made to question your own thought/memories/evidence) based on their disbelief of facts. Defamation through spreading nasty unfounded concerns with no evidence to back it up, or with evidence that proves the opposite of their written concerns (lying on paperwork to shift blame) Spending valuable time and money to try and prove parents are to blame for Childs SEND rather than providing assessments and support for those children, who have disabilities. Parents/carers should listened to, records that are found to be untrue should be altered on the system without parents/carers having to write to request records to be altered. Service workers who are found to have breached guidelines should be held accountable for damage caused to those children and families who have been affected by their poor work and communication.