Understanding Neurology

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There are many different neurological conditions, and this ProTrainings course covers the most common ones.

This course is suitable for:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Care workers
  • Social care
  • GPs
  • Occupational Health Professionals
  • Physiotherapists

The Essex Neurology Network brings together people from across Essex who have an interest in neurology – either as health or social care professionals, volunteers, staff members from voluntary and private sector organisations, or those people living with a neurological condition.  The Network was established to raise awareness and promote understanding of neurological conditions, in order to secure the highest standards of service and care.

The Network has undertaken work on improving diagnosis conversations and assisting GP’s in signposting neurological patients to relevant support and services. As a result of our various engagement activities and projects, there is evidence to suggest that the experience of a patient with a neurological condition would be significantly improved if the health and care professionals they came into contact with, had a better understanding of the symptoms and care pathways.

In 2017 we surveyed 147 professionals, ranging from social workers to palliative care practitioners, GPs and nurses to occupational health professionals and physiotherapists, to find out more information about their training needs and preferences.  What we found was that although many of our partner organisations have their own in-depth training courses, there was nothing available which gave a more practical overview of a range of neurological conditions and how these can impact on everyday life.

To address this gap, the Essex Neurology Network, in partnership with Healthwatch Essex, has created a series of filmed modules which provide an overview of eight of the more common neurological conditions, together with insight from some people who actually live with the conditions themselves.

These modules are designed to help workers understand more about the condition and how it may affect the person they support.   We have also included links to further information and support which can be found in the download section of the course.

We are immensely grateful to Healthwatch Essex for making the production of this e-learning course possible and indeed, to all the staff and volunteers who have given their time so generously.  We hope that by completing this course, you will contribute to our aim of generating a lasting impact for those people living day to day with a neurological condition.

Gina Rutterford, MS Society

Chair – Essex Neurology Network

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