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Lived Experience is a course which recounts the first-hand experiences of people accessing health and social care services.

This course is suitable for:

  • anyone engaging with the public as part of your work in the health and social care sector

‘Lived experience’ describes people’s first-hand accounts of health and care. How they experience services is often affected by their own personal circumstances, for example, whether they have a family or whether they are in work.

Gathering the views of those that use your services, can help bring issues to life by illustrating the scale of what people are dealing with in their daily lives and the practical challenges they face by enabling them to voice their opinions and identify good practice and areas of concern.

Healthwatch Essex is an independent voice for the people of Essex. We gather and represent people’s views about health and care services in the county to help improve them. This training offer reflects our work with engaging local communities, using active and positive listening skills, and the principles of inclusion.

Sam one of the Healthwatch Ambassadors wrote when she completed the course:

Oh my goodness, this course was super helpful and so valuable. I learnt so much and the powerful presentation tools and awareness of how to active listen and distractions etc was superb. I was even putting this into play over the weekend, observing others and it’s so true how much is ego or pseudo listening takes place and people don’t even realise it!

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