Trauma Cards win award for ‘Most Promising Pilot’

We’re proud to announce our Healthwatch Essex Trauma Ambassador Group are the winners of the ‘Most Promising Pilot’ award at the Integrated Health Awards 2023 for their Trauma Card initiative!

The awards are run by Integrated HLTH, which is ‘an online media platform focusing on integrated care systems, transformation and change’. Regarding the awards, Integrated HLTH say: ‘With a focus on all things transformation and change, the awards will provide an opportunity to recognise the innovation and effort that goes into healthcare projects and programmes across a wide variety of categories.’

John, a Trauma Ambassador, showing the front of the card

The Trauma Ambassador Group wanted to create a tool to support other people living with the effects of trauma who may be struggling with getting the support they need in healthcare appointments.  The Ambassadors co-produced the trauma card through every stage of its development, from the initial idea to creating an informative film. The front of the card explains that the cardholder is living with the effects of trauma and has been triggered for some reason. The back of the card gives three simple actions which the receiver of the card can take to help the person, along with a QR code which they can scan for further information.

The project was initially intended as a trial of 200 cards in Essex, but it was quickly adopted by many partner agencies as well as individuals reaching out to receive a card. To date, more than 10,000 cards have been sent out across the country and even internationally.

Sharon Westfield de Cortez, Information and Guidance Manager at Healthwatch Essex said, “The Healthwatch Essex Trauma Ambassador Group are delighted that the trauma card has been recognised with this award. We have received amazingly positive feedback from people across the UK who are using the card and achieving better outcomes from their interactions as a result. We hope that the recognition which comes with this award raises further awareness of the scheme and allows it to reach more people who could benefit from it.”

You can watch the awards video to see all of the results, with two of the Healthwatch Essex team also announcing the winners for other categories.

Find out more information on the trauma card initiative here.