Blood donors urged to book appointments as blood stocks are critically low

If you are able to donate blood, NHS Blood and Transplant urge you to book an appointment as blood stocks are critically low.


What is happening with blood stocks?

NHS Blood and Transplant have issued an amber alert as blood stocks are predicted to fall below 2 days worth. They usually hold more than 6 days worth. Whilst urgent and emergency surgeries will continue to go ahead, some non-urgent elective surgeries may be postponed to ensure blood is available for those who need it most. Each hospital will make their own management plans to protect blood stocks.

Donations are always needed, as blood can only be stored for 35 days. Maintaining blood stocks has been a challenge since the pandemic. Their appointment system carefully monitors the amount and type of blood to prevent waste, so there may not be an appointment available immediately.

Who can donate blood?

  • You can be a new or existing donor. Existing donors are prioritised for appointments as their blood type is known, but new donors can book appointments for later in the year.
  • They are particularly keen for people with O Positive or O Negative blood to come forward as this has the greatest need.
  • You need to be fit and healthy to donate. If you are not sure if you can donate blood, you can check the eligibility criteria here.

How can I book an appointment?

  • Visit their website to sign up, manage appointments and view availability in city centre locations.
  • You can also quickly book appointments via the NHS Give Blood app.
  • Those who already have an appointment booked are urged to keep it, or cancel with at least 3 days notice if they are unable to attend so that the appointment is not wasted.


“Give blood and help save or improve up to three lives. All it takes is just one hour of your time.”