Healthwatch Essex host Accessible Information Workshop in Colchester

Yesterday, Healthwatch Essex hosted an Accessible Information Workshop in order to allow members of our Collaborate Essex Disability and Carers Forum to provide feedback and advice to various professionals within health and social care.

The event took place at the JobServe Community Stadium in Colchester and it was just the second time we had the pleasure of meeting with many of our forum members together in person, following our first in-person forum this July.

Our forum members spoke about their experiences of accessing health and social care with their disabilities, and various interactive activities were implemented to provide the professionals with a more personable experience of what life is like with a disability.

For example, professionals were asked to wear glasses with various coverings to demonstrate different forms of blindness and also tried to fill out a form which was read to them while they had ear plugs in.

Dan Potts, our Engagement Manager, helped host the event and he emphasised the importance of running workshops such as these. He said, “This is a topic that Healthwatch Essex and its volunteers are very passionate about. Using lived experience scenarios, putting people in the shoes of our forum members is extremely powerful.

“Developing further understanding of the importance of the accessible information standards, will in turn allow for positive changes to be made to the system, enabling communication and information to be delivered in a way which suits the needs of our community.”

We had people from various organisations join us on the day, such as The University of Essex, Mid and South Essex ICS, MSE Foundation Trust, ESNEFT and Essex County Council. Thank you to everyone who attended for making this workshop as engaging and informative as possible.