Our new podcast launches!

We’ve launched the first episode of our new podcast series, Hidden Voices. The podcast has been set up to capture the less heard voices in health and social care across Essex and the first episode is called ‘A Bag For Life’: Living with a Stoma.

This episode focuses on Michael’s story, who has been living with a stoma¬† for six years. He is joined by Coloplast Nurse Tracey who shares her experiences of caring for people with a stoma across West Essex.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, Anchor FM and RadioPublic. It is also available to stream below.

‘A Bag For Life’ is Michael’s take on his life with a stoma – with the bag both being a lifelong necessity for him, but equally, something that has given him his quality of life back.

The podcast lays bare what it is like to live with a stoma, things to expect as well as the unexpected, and seeks to reduce the stigma associated stoma care by talking openly and honestly about the realities of life with a stoma.

The Stoma podcast is available here:

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