Support people living with sensory impairment during COVID-19

One in five people across Essex live with sensory impairment and many report finding the restrictions put in place by COVID-19 challenging to follow.

Our sensory awareness campaign video aims to give an insight into what it’s like to live with sensory impairment during the pandemic, giving the perspective of somebody with sight and/or hearing loss.

We’ve worked with some of our Collaborate Essex forum members who live with sensory impairment to gain an insight into what would make a difference to their day-to-day lives during the pandemic.

They want to encourage others to be aware of the challenges they currently face, be tolerant of the reality that they may not be able to see or hear measures put in place to keep people safe and, crucially, to be kind.

You might be able to recognise someone is sensory impaired by visual attributes such as a guide dog, cane or hearing aid, but it is not always overtly visible. If you realise someone is having difficulty with some of the new measures in place during COVID-19, there are steps you can take to safely help.

Be aware illustration

  • Approach the person and speak clearly from a distance, communicating who you are.
  • If the person cannot hear, stand at a safe distance, remove your mask allowing lipreading and make eye contact.
  • Do not touch the person unexpectedly and always make first communication head on.
  • Be patient with the person and understand that they might need extra time or help during COVID-19.
  • Help communicate the presence of COVID-19 signage and queues.




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