What’s on the Line? | Choosing a Care Home

In recent times so many meetings and appointments have been moved to a ‘virtual’ format, and I was recently delighted to attend the launch of a new care home in Essex; Hutton View in Brentwood.

It was amazing to experience a tour of facilities from my own living room and it reminded me just how important it is for people to know what to look out for when searching for the right care home for their loved one.

Choosing a care home can sometimes feel like a huge endeavour, with so many different factors to consider and options to choose from. Like the individuals themselves, every home is unique and it’s so important to find the right ‘fit’ for the person’s needs.

Tips on Choosing The Right Care Home:

  1. Take the time to visit the home you are considering, however many times you need to. Staff should always be supportive and understanding of service users and their loved ones wishing to take the time to make the right choice.
  2. Make sure that the care and facilities available meet the needs of the person moving into the home. For example, is specialist nursing or dementia care required, or might it be in the future.
  3. Read the latest inspection report for the home, available on the CQC website
  4. Check the range of Essex care homes and reviews that other people have left about them on our feedback centre
  5. Ask as many questions as you need to. If it matters to you and your loved ones, it should matter to the home you are considering.
  6. Always check the costs; unless you are eligible for financial assistance, you will have to pay for yourself or your loved one to live in a care home. Details on fees should be clear and readily available.

Any type of house move can be physically and emotionally draining, and entering residential care is no exception. It can also have significant additional impact on the person themselves and their loved ones, so it is important to communicate to ensure that the decisions being made are appropriate and timely. Support is available from various agencies throughout the process, including the local authority who can arrange a needs assessment to help ascertain what type and level of care is needed. However, the move into a care home can hugely positive results; easing pressure and concern on loved ones, and enabling the person being cared for to enjoy a new richness in their lives with the proper care, plus new friends and a renewed social life.


Information and Signposting Lead