COVID-19 Healthwatch Information Guides Released

COVID-19 has meant different restrictions for different groups of people at different times, whether that be geographically or based on your role or a health condition you may have.

As the pandemic continues, advice and guidance changes and it is not always easy to get hold of the most up to date information from reliable sources.

Healthwatch Essex continues to provide support to anyone in Essex who needs information about the services available in their area and how to stay safe during this period of time.

You can get in touch with team in lots of different ways which can be found here. We have also produced a series of Information Guides for different conditions which you may find helpful.

COVID-19 Information Guide – Learning Disability & Autism

COVID-19 Information Guide – Mental Health

COVID-19 Information Guide – Carers

COVID-19 Information Guide – Sensory Impairment

COVID-19 Information Guide – Physical Impairment & Long Term Conditions