Urgent Need for Local Vaccination and Winter Resilience Volunteers

With the proposed expansion of the Covid-19 Booster Vaccinations, local charity Community360 is urgently seeking more volunteers to come forward and help with the rollout.

Volunteers are needed to help ensure the smooth running of the vaccination clinics that now include the roll out of the booster jabs. As furlough has ended and people are able to get out and about more, the number of volunteers has dropped. But the need is still very much there.

Rachel Durmishi, Head of Projects at Community360 said: “As winter approaches and with the need to boost the vaccination programme we are asking anyone who has a few hours to spare to come forward and help. There are a range of tasks on offer from sanitising seats to ensuring that individuals have waited long enough to be able to receive their next vaccine. We continue to cover a range of sites across Colchester including GP surgeries along with supermarkets and pop ups using the vaccination bus.”

She added: “This is also an opportunity to chat to people attending and to check on the welfare of those who attend and identify if they would benefit from any additional support. Other tasks involve answering questions on what will happen, guiding them or just giving a friendly smile and allowing them to share a story.”

Community360 is also looking to recruit Winter Resilience Ambassadors. This role will help to support their winter work to ensure that Colchester residents remain safe, warm and well during the winter months. From supporting with preparation and distribution of winter packs, to getting out into the community to have conversations and offer signposting, advice and guidance to those who need it.

Winter resilience ambassadors will be able to attend events to increase awareness of the support available and have meaningful conversations with Colchester residents throughout the winter months.

For further information on how to enquire about becoming a Vaccination Marshall or Winter Resilience Ambassador Volunteer contact: 01206 505250

Email:  [email protected]


To see all of the latest news and guidance for Coronavirus in Essex visit the Essex County Council Coronavirus Information Hub.