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9 reviews from the local community

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Tiptree Medical Centre Feedback

  1. GP show you the door after 10 mins are up.

    Firstly it took five day to register after my son came back from university to live at home, even though he had been a patient for over ten years. My son went to the surgery because he had chest pains and difficulties breathing allegedly due to worsening of his asthma. When my son tried to tell the GP that he had other symptoms too he was told his time was up so couldn’t listen to his other physical symptoms. My question to this GP would be: “how do you know that other symptoms could not give an explanation of why his asthma is suddenly not controlled by his medication?” My son was told to stop Ventolin because he was taking too much. No other advice was given even though he told the doctor he couldn’t breath without it. Moreover is it common practice to stop someone’s medication for chronic headaches if they are not working as they should without exploring a viable alternative? My son is now back on far too much painkillers. After a week he is still unable to work or even go out because he gets so out of breath and taking too much Ventolin to be able to make it through the day.

  2. Had to sort everything myself

    I was told 13 months ago I needed a new hip. Had to push for more investigations. Ended up paying for a private consultation. Surgeon was surprised at lack of urgency from surgery. I’ve sorted everything myself.

    • Simone Howard (Branch Supervisor) replied on

      Good morning
      I am very sorry to hear your struggles. If you would like to give your details direct to the surgery, we can investigate and report our findings back to you

  3. Dangerous delays and no compassion

    First of all you can never get through to the surgery. Today I was number 26 in the call queue and after 2 hours on hold had to give up and this is a regular occurrence. The surgery is absolutely not fit for purpose as you can never get an appointment or even get through to talk to someone.

    Secondly they show absolutely no compassion. I fell ill a couple of days after moving house. The day I was discharged from hospital the surgery called me – I assumed this would be because they had received my hospital discharge notes – but it was just to tell me I had to leave the surgery as the new address (of 2 days!) meant I could no longer be a patient. No consideration on my health, no care that the hospital had requested my GP action a referral – all they cared about was admin. I’m also really struggling with my mental health – and felt at crisis point – when I tried to talk to a doctor about this – I was again just told about my recent move and the fact I’d need to change surgery. It is dangerous to expect someone to deal with this admin whilst in a mental health crisis and ‘rules’ and admin were put ahead of my health. They show no duty of care and no compassion.

    • Simone Howard (Branch Supervisor) replied on

      Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback, it is important to us.
      I am sure you appreciate from the media; the NHS is under tremendous pressure in all areas, especially in the last year.
      We have recently had a new telephone system installed and recruitment drive to increase our reception team, which I am pleased to say has been very successful. We aim to have between 6-8 fully trained receptionists a day answering the phone by January 2023.
      Mornings tend to be the busiest time of the day, if your enquiry is not urgent for the day it is advisable to phone after 2pm, where our reception staff will be happy to assist you. If it is urgent for the day, we always have a Duty Doctor to deal with urgent or life-threatening emergencies.
      I agree Tiptree is growing with various building developments with little or no consideration of the impact on not just our GP surgery, but dentists, schools etc, this unfortunately we have no control over.
      Short of building a new GP surgery of which we are not able to afford at present, we are utilising the resources and space available to the best of our ability.
      The workload in general practice has risen dramatically over the last year and even more so in the last few months. Many surgeries are experiencing the same issues. I assure you that we do review the configuration of our staffing and telephony on a regular basis.
      I can only sincerely apologise that you were not treated with compassion, when contacted by the surgery, the administrator may not have been aware that you had been recently discharged from hospital. When moving out of the practice area you remain our patient for 28 days until you registered with a new surgery, and we would be happy to see you in this time. Each day we have a Duty Dr who is available for urgent or on the day emergencies which are bookable via our reception team.

  4. No point ringing these ppl,

    Something needs to be done here, this has been going on for years, even during my school days 9 years ago and this is still going on. I don’t live in Tiptree anymore but the fact that this is still ongoing is deplorable, something needs to be done ASAP. I’m sure if we all bring enough attention to this something will come out of it.

    • Simone Howard (Branch Supervisor) replied on

      Thank you for providing your feedback.
      We have had some telephone issues which are being addressed by our telephone provider currently. We have daily communication with them and they are working to rectify the issues.
      We have also had a recruitment drive to recruit more Receptionists to answer the phones to help prevent this situation occurring.
      Our Partner is fully aware of the situation and is striving to improve our telephone access.

  5. Poor Telephone Response

    Trying to phone for an appointment, after I hour and 20 minutes of not being able to get in the queue I then spent 30 minutes in the telephone queue only to be cut off at number 2.
    I am now back in the queue and have so far spent 2 hours 20 minutes trying to contact the surgery – obviously I have nothing else to do with my time.
    Last week whilst on holiday I needed to see a Doctor and 2 local practices answered their phones within seconds as if it was the normal thing to do – how come the people of Tiptree are continually getting such a poor service?
    Sadly my experience is not unusual but the the norm, my husband spent 1.5 hours last week trying to make an appointment for a blood test – that also involved getting cut off.
    I have emailed the surgery so they have my details and I have now finally spoken to the surgery who didn’t seem overly interested in the length of time I have spent trying to contact them .

    • Gill Scott (Practice Manager) replied on

      Firstly I must apologise for not responding to your feedback sooner.
      Thank you for providing this feedback. I totally understand your frustration and apologise for the inconvenience caused. At the moment we are having a recruitment drive to recruit more Receptionists to answer the phones to help prevent this situation occurring. In all honesty it will probably be mid June before we have addressed the current issues but we are working on it. We have had some issues with our telephony system and are logging any incidents of this nature where patients are unfortunately cut off.
      Should you have any further issues please do contact our Reception Manager.
      Kind regards
      Practice Manager.

  6. Absolutely unacceptable

    My son has been suffering from disabling headaches for some time. After managing to get through to the surgery he was told that a referral to a specialist in Clacton would be necessary and he would be called for an appointment within a week due to the discomfort he was under. He called several time after that and each time was told that the surgery would chase up the referral and let him know. Finally today he was told to sort out the referral himself and was given a phone number to call. Suffice to say the hospital didn’t know anything about it and was told to ring back the GP surgery which he did. Another number was given to him and finally he got in touch with the right hospital. They were appalled that patients in pain are told to ring around to chase their referrals and suggested he made a complaint. This is unacceptable and don’t blame COVID for it. It’s just to easy excuse for poor care which has been going on for a lot longer than the pandemic and people are getting fed up now.

    • Gill Scott (Practice Manager) replied on

      Dear Miss Horrocks
      Firstly I must apologise for not responding sooner to your feedback. I am very happy to look into your sons referral process and have left a message on your answerphone to contact me.

      Kind regards

      Gill Scott
      Practice Manager.

  7. Poor service and lack of care

    Unhelpful staff and absurd appointments systems. Appointment lottery with no triage so people with serious unable to even talk to doctor. Been totally absent during the pandemic and completely let down the community.

    • Gill Scott (Practice Manager) replied on

      Dear Mr Heather
      Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback, it is really important to us. As I am sure you will appreciate from the media, the NHS is under tremendous pressure in all areas, especially during COVID-19. We as a practice strive to provide a good service to our patients, even given the pressures placed upon us especially throughout the Covid pandemic and have not stopped patient facing appointments. The difference we and other surgeries have made is for our GP’s to triage patients via telephone consultation and if unable to diagnose and treat via this method or via video consultation the patient will be ask to attend the surgery for a face to face appointment, this is to ensure the highest infection control for both our patients and staff.
      Our phlebotomy service, nursing appointments have continued with the exception of additional clean down time in between appointments and donning and doffing of PPE.
      If it is urgent for the day, we always have a Duty Doctor available to deal with urgent or life threatening emergencies.
      We are under the guidance of the CCG and also NHE England on how to safely return to more normal times in due course.
      If you have found our staff unhelpful this I am sure was not our intention, all our calls are recorded and I am happy to listen to your call and address any training issues with our reception staff.
      Kind regards

      Gill Scott
      Practice Manager

  8. Unprofessional behaviour reception staff

    Issued the wrong medication by the surgery pharmacist . Repeat prescriptions not always complete. There is one member of the reception team who lets the entire surgery down! She Is extremely rude and abrupt with a disgraceful telephone manner. It is near on impossible to get an appointment with a doctor or other health professional without being excessively grilled by her and forced to divulge personal and sensitive information before SHE decides if you are worthy of an appointment or not. I understand that it is important for the staff to ask some basic information, but this particular member of staff becomes argumentative and sarcastic and puts the phone down on you if you do not comply with her interrogation . I have been left feeling very upset after having had contact with her. To be fair, the rest of the reception staff are professional and pleasant . The Doctors at the surgery and their quality of care is good. The service is good if you are able to get seen or speak to a Doctor. Needs to be made easier to make appointments. Reception staff telephone behaviour and attitude needs to be monitored. Where possible , the patient should be allowed to see the same doctor.

  9. Prescriptions and Repeats

    There seems to particular problems with the accuracy of prescriptions issued and which either are incorrect quantities, dosage directions not clear. The prescription detail does not comply with the Repeat Prescribing Training for Prescribing Clerks Procedures detailed on the NEE CCG web site. e.g No Issue Date/ No Date of Birth/No age. Dosage not clear, with asd, causing potential problems with patients self adminstering