Blackwater Medical Centre

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Princes Road

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7 reviews from the local community

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Blackwater Medical Centre Feedback

  1. awful. frustrating

    no appointments for Dr Lim ,was her day ,only 2 locums on .called number 100 times from 8am. no appointments
    called next day .85 calls to get thro to messaging . took 1hr again
    pressed for call back .reception rang back .no apps with dr Lim .all gone again . it was 9.30 am then .
    only paramedic app available which is of no good for me .
    i have a chronic condition fibromyalgia for 20 years. diagnosed osteoporosis, heart condition.
    offered bookable appointment after i complained for 3rd jan 2024.with dr Lim
    also gave me physio app tomorrow in heybrige
    after i complained, i took it ,ob. not ideal
    This broken system costs us all frustration, unneccary trips to A&E it needs fixing .
    If the new system worked as advertised earlier this year ,alot of patients would be so less stressed .
    i would like to change surgeries if anywhere was any different
    i have been with blackwater 40yrs. and seen it deteriorate alot .

  2. Unbeleivable such a poor GP service exists

    One notoriously obnoxious member of staff obviously has negatively impacted the whole surgey to the degree that many patients choose online pharmacies, go private or when desperate, go directly to A&E. If other local surgeries had capacity, Blackwater would not have any patients left.
    The system to attempt to book appointments is ridiculous and often futile, made worse only by getting hold of the wrong member of staff.
    Apart from some really good nurses and a couple of doctors, the whole surgery really is an embarrassment to Maldon.

  3. Great if you can get past the receptionist

    Certain receptionist is heartless cold nasty and horrible person. Absolutely dread having to call the surgery to make an appointment if I’m ill. If you make a complaint about receptionist it isn’t followed up. Can’t fault the doctors particularly Dr Haeger, a very thorough doctor who will sit and listen as well as advise.

  4. Receptionist play god doctors try

    Ooh where to start…. 60% of the doctors are okey depending on what you go for but the receptionist are horrible. Ive been with them for years and only one of them actually treated me like i wasn’t a bother, one of them have called me a lier others didn’t care or was so rude i was shocked, the older lady that works their needs to go completely change job or somthing you can see she hates all of us everyday is a bad day with her, i dont think i have ever seen her smile and when she called me a liar about my phone that didn’t work and tried to embarrass me it got turned against her when i showed her in front of other people behind me, not going to lie i felt very happy to embarrass her back, and on another occasion i was ringing on behalf of my nan who is over 80 stroke victim cant walk and said she couldn’t get her a home visit because she could come in, i explained she couldnt and said shes over 80 cant walk she then replied we have 90s still come in just get a taxi she still young aka she wasn’t joking, i was fuming getting in a taxi is still very difficult tried before took over 20mins and she was so upset , latest one was a doctor refusing to come see my nan over lump in breast because she said she didnt want to put her life at risk because of covid, i mean isn’t that what doctors do? thats what they are trained for also knowing the risk before becoming a doctor before hand also my nan is shilding and explained that to her and still wouldn’t come out, sent her for a byiopsy and they said it was nothing and doctor should have noticed it, we felt so bad as it was a waste of their time when theh could be seeing someone who needed it

  5. Appalling

    Tried to hand a letter in but no one came to the door a lady pressed the buzzer twice and then was totally spoken to in such a rude manor and was told to wait !!
    You never get through on the telephone I think staff are just to busy chatting, they are not friendly and hardly seem human at times. ‘
    Thankfully I changed to Longfield a few months ago and have never looked back they are so so friendly and nothing is too much trouble.
    This surgery needs to be closed down and a decent one reopened, one for the people

  6. Far below poor

    Attitude of receptionist rude to me while trying to make appointment for a mental health patient

  7. All in all a poor experience

    There are several issues that lead me to give the Blackwater Medical Centre such a low rating.
    – You never see the same GP and there are never any pre-bookable appointments to help you get any consistency.
    – The doctors are rushed and the advice I have had from them is not in my opinion satisfactory, I often feel I have to “google” things and find out more for myself.
    – The reception team are quite frankly appalling, fierce and cold who have no place in a healthcare environment.There is little I would say is good about the service, I do not trust them, which is a large issue.
    Things which could be improved:
    Bookings protocol overhaul
    Reception training
    Reception triaging
    Standard of practitioners