Public consultation hearing on proposed changes to services at local community hospitals

Interested individuals, interest groups, stakeholders and organisations are invited to talk directly to local NHS leaders about public consultation proposals to move some of the services provided at community hospitals in mid and south Essex.

A public consultation is ongoing until 21st March 2024 with a range of ways for people to find out more and feedback their views including a survey and events.

Now, individuals, organisations or groups are being invited to take part in a public consultation hearing taking place on Wednesday 19 March 2024 at Maldon Town Hall, where they can present their views directly to a panel of NHS experts. To make sure as many people as possible can access the event, it will also be broadcast live via you tube. The hearing will be chaired by an independent organisation.

Dr Matthew Sweeting, Interim System Medical Director for NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board said: “These are not easy decisions to make and we want to have as much information as possible and make sure we’ve explored all the possibilities.

“A public consultation hearing provides the opportunity for individuals, organisations or groups to present what they think is important for the NHS to take into consideration about the consultation proposals and issues.

Dr Sweeting continued: “The hearing format means we can listen really carefully, ask questions about what the presenter is telling us so we can really understand the points being made. This way we can take everything we are being told into account when making our decisions at the end of the consultation process.”

Evidence should be relevant to the issues highlighted in the consultation and it may be helpful to consider the following questions:

  • Information you think the NHS needs to consider in response to the consultation
  • Arguments against the information set out in consultation
  • Proposals for other ideas to solve the issues in the consultation
  • Proposals for additions to the consultation

The proposals under consideration are:

  • potential changes to the places where some community hospital intermediate care and stroke rehabilitation services are provided,
  • making permanent the temporary move of the freestanding midwife-led birthing unit from St Peter’s Hospital, Maldon to the William Julien Courtauld Unit at St Michael’s, Braintree.
  • the possibility of moving all other patient services at St Peter’s Hospital, Maldon to other locations, mostly in and around Maldon.

The public consultation hearing will take place on Tuesday 19 March at Maldon Town Hall, Market Hill, Maldon between 12:30 pm and 19:45 pm.

People taking part in the hearing will be offered a 30 minute slot, with 15 minutes to present their evidence and a further 15 minutes for the panel to ask questions. The final agenda depends on the uptake of slots.

Individuals, organisations or groups who are interested in taking part should email  [email protected] to find out more.

They will be asked to provide information about their request such as name, organisation, accessibility requirements and brief description of  the evidence/topic being covered by 9am Monday 4 March.

Presenter slots for the hearing will be confirmed by 6 March.

All feedback will be independently analysed and provided in a draft report which will be publicly shared before being presented to the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board.

People can attend the public consultation hearing to observe the evidence being presented and can also view live online via YouTube.

Register to attend the meeting as an observer.


Consultation Closes

21st March 2024