The transition from child to adult services

Are you living in the Colchester or Tendring districts and have experience of the transition from child to adult health and care services? If so, we would really like to hear from you.

We are keen to find out how the transition between the services is managed for the young person concerned and their loved ones.

Are you a young person who has this transition ahead of them, are you currently making the transition or has this already happened for you? Whether the services you are engaged with are providing physical, mental or emotional support, we would like to hear how you feel about this change and the effects that it had/is having for you.

If you are the carer or loved one of a young person in this position, we would like to hear your input too.

We would really welcome hearing about your thoughts and experiences on this subject. Please take five minutes to complete our anonymous survey, and if you would be happy to discuss in more detail with one of our Information & Guidance team, please give us a call on 0300 500 1895 or email

Consultation Closes

31st May 2022