Essex County Council Survey | Exploring & maximising the potential for care technology to support the needs of carers

Essex County Council (ECC) is conducting work to further enable, empower and transform the lives of carers across the county.

The Council are seeking carers’ views through a survey and face-to-face groups.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 14% of carers in Essex are in poor health and continue to provide over 50 hours of support and care a week. Recent research commissioned by ECC identified several suggestions from carers, on how they can be better supported by the council in their caring duties. This included, getting carers the right support when they require it, better access to a directory of local services and more training and education on those they are supporting and caring for.

ECC envisages the roll out of a new care technology service from mid-2020 to support people with caring responsibilities. In preparations for this, ECC are also keen to expand their understanding and ambitions around the role that care technology can play in supporting the needs of carers and their loved ones.

Click here to complete the survey online today. Your views and feedback will help ECC develop the most effective solutions.

ECC are also delivering focus groups in Maldon on 21st October. The group will last around 90 minutes and further details can be requested by emailing Emily Wojcik: 

Consultation Closes

9th November 2019